Why Is Philips Hue So Expensive? [Explained]

Why Is Philips Hue So Expensive

You need to spend extra bucks if you are planning to get Philips Hue. The LEDs from Philips include some handy features. So, what are the unique features that made Philips Hue so expensive?

Philips Hue has better color accuracy than traditional LEDs. The light can be controlled with voice assistants. Moreover, Philips Hue lasts longer by maintaining the same performance for years.

Philips Hue LEDs are not extremely expensive or cheaper. The reliability and superior quality are what make the product costlier. So, it’ll definitely be worth it to purchase Philips Hue even if it’s quite expensive.

5 Reasons Why Philips Hue Is So Expensive – Check Now

Philips Hue is quite expensive compared to the other traditional brands in the market. There are some reasons behind this high pricing. Check the common reasons below.

  1. Color Control 

This is what makes Philips Hue a top choice for most consumers. You can customize the color of Philips Hue as per your mode. This helps users to create a vibe as per your requirement.  

  1. Reliability

You will get a durable service from Philips Hue for sure. The product is designed to last long with the same performance. Philips is always known for manufacturing quality products. 

  1. Smart Home System

Philips Hue lights can be controlled remotely through mobile apps and voice assistants. You can change the color of the light using voice assistants such as Google Assistant or Alexa. 

  1. LED Technology

The lights from Philips come with the latest LED technology. They are designed to deliver you the best lighting experience for your space. In addition, they are more energy efficient which will save you energy costs. 

  1. Longevity

Well, this is obviously an eminent reason why Philips Hue lights are not cheaper. They are durable and will last for more than 25,000 hours. Also, Philips Hue is quite easy to install and doesn’t require any complex installation.

Tips for Choosing LED Lighting – Get The Best One

Before purchasing a LED light, you should definitely get some ideas about common features of LED lights. This will help you to pick the best product for sure. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect LED light.


A good LED with a balanced color will definitely make the purchase worth it. You may consider 80-90 CRI as quality LEDs. The CRI is generally mentioned in the product box. 

Energy Efficiency

This is one of the main features of a LED light for sure. The product should be designed energy efficient. So, you will be able to save energy and cost. 


You should make sure the product will deliver the same performance for years. Cheaper LEDs won’t maintain the same performance. The color and brightness of the product should last long. 


The recent LED lights are designed to control with voice assistants. Before purchasing one, check if the LED is compatible with the common voice assistant such as Google, Alexa, etc. This will surely enhance your experience with the product.


How Much Does Philips Hue Cost?

There are different models of Philips Hue available in the market. Thus, the price range also varies depending on the model. The white bulb of Philips Hue is available at $15. This is the cheapest option of this model so far.

Philips Hue Bridge and Philips Hue Starter Kit are the two most popular Hue products of this brand. The price range of these models varies from $60 to $200. 

Is It Worth Getting Philips Hue?

The Philips Hue offers numerous features and benefits. You will definitely love using this product for a long time. It can be controlled using your voice. So, there will be very much comfort and satisfaction using this Philips product. 

This smart light also allows you to create your own scenes. It will be totally worth getting a Philips Hue for your space because of the unique controls it has.

How Many Years Do Philips Hue Last?

The durability of electrical products can never be guessed. However, the Philips Hue products are designed to last long. Philips Hue comes with an average lifespan of 20,000 – 25,000 hours. 

The frequency of use and many other factors can affect the lifespan. If there are no issues with the condition or uses, this product may last for more than 20 years.   

Is Philips Hue Waterproof?

Philips Hue lights are used both indoors and outdoors. It is not waterproof and will be damaged if submerged in water. If you are using the Philips Hue outdoors, make sure it’s safe from heavy rain and moisture. 

As it’s an electric product, you should make sure there is less contact of water with the light. This will also save the product from electric shock. 

Can You Control Philips Hue With Voice?

Philips Hue LEDs can be paired with a voice assistant such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. So, it’s possible to control the LEDs with your voice. You can change the light temperate or brightness by using voice commands.

You just need to pair the LED with the voice assistant first. This is why it’s so easy to control smart LEDs. You will have the best experience of using LEDs.

Should You Buy Expensive Philips Hue LEDs?

Well, Philips Hue LEDs are not that expensive if you consider the unique features they offer. The energy-efficient LEDs are going to save your costs for regular use. Also, there will be no hassle of replacing LEDs frequently. 

You will get the best natural color with a higher CRI. The LEDs make light control more convenient and easier. They are designed for long-term saving. For the best LED lighting experience, one may purchase Philips Hue LED without any hesitation.

Final Words

Now you know why is Philips Hue so expensive. You are always recommended to spend on quality products and Philips Hue will be definitely a good pick for sure. It will deliver you better color with control. The product is quite expensive because of the extra technological advancements it contains. 


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