How To Wire A Bath Fan Light Combo? [Effective Ways]

How To Wire A Bath Fan Light Combo

Wiring a combined connection between the fan and light in the bathroom is always productive and easy. This combination will give some exceptional benefits within a short time. Here I have discussed how to wire a bath fan light combo virtually.

Gather some necessary tools to connect the fan with the wire of the light in the bathroom. Wear the protective gear first and start operating the devices according to the process. Always be very careful throughout the working time because working with electricity can be dangerous.

I have added a light fan combo in my washroom and am enjoying the advantages. In this article, I will let the reader know how I did that. Just read the article attentively and maintain the instructions.

7 Steps To Wire A Bath Fan Light Combo On The Same Switches

Following proper guidelines to attach a bath fan light combo is crucial because nobody wants to call a mechanic to do it. Remember that working with electricity can create unwanted situations if you don’t know the actual process. So follow the steps below to have the desired result and make the process easier.

Step-1: Gather Necessary Tools

First, gather or buy the required tools to wire a bath fan light combo. The following tools are always preferable to create a combined connection of fan and light in the bathroom. 

  • Cable strippers;
  • Screwdrivers;
  • Terminal connectors;
  • Electrical tester;
  • Bolts and nuts;
  • Ladder;
  • Scotch-tape; 
  • Heavy-duty hand gloves;
  • Transparent spectacles; 
  • Shoes.

Check if any unique tool is essential for any specific brand of fan or light. If such a tool is available for the chosen model, it is better to collect specific tools before starting the project.

Step-2: Turn The Power Off

Turn off the main power supply before wiring a bath fan light combo because it can lead to severe accidents if not done correctly. So always remember to turn off power at least 15 minutes before starting the wiring process. After turning off the power, disconnect it entirely from its source.

When the power supply system is off, there is no chance of getting burned by electricity while working with wires. Anyone can do this by flipping the breaker switch or turning off the primary regulator of the electrical panel. Then use an electric tester to test the electricity supply.

Step-3: Remove The Faceplate

After turning the power supply off, it’s time to open the nuts and remove the faceplate. If the faceplate is stuck and does not come off, it is pretty impossible to find the connections and proceed to the next step. So, grab the screwdriver and remove all the nuts properly. Keep the faceplate aside and clean the inner part of the box.

Step-4: Disconnect The Wires

Disconnecting the wires from the channel is not an arduous task to do. Find two cables going into each switch from the existing fixture. Screw terminals connect these wires, or cable nuts or crimp connectors might connect them. Whatever happens, open all of the nuts and disconnect the cables.

If screw terminals connect the cables, remove them by unscrewing them with a screwdriver. On the other hand, when crimp connectors or cable nuts connect them, use pliers or side cutter pliers to disconnect them properly. Always remember to operate with lightweight tools.

Step-5: Set The Cable To The Box

At this step, set the cable to the box. Try to use a wire stripper for this purpose. The next step would be connecting the cords of the fan and light using a jumper wire. Now, attach the neutral cables from both switches and connect them with the help of a cable nut. 

For this, open the electric panel and then remove the cable. Operate with a screwdriver for this process. After that, attach both ground wires with the help of a cable nut. Try to use lines of different colors to identify them later. Choose between black, red, and green wires.

Step-6: Wire The Cable To The Fan

Now it’s time to connect the hot wires from both switches together with each other. For this purpose, try to understand how the circuit works and then work accordingly. After connecting them, attach them to the black terminal screw on the fan’s motor housing. 

Next, connect the white wire from one switch with the white wire from another using another pair of pliers or needle-nose pliers. Finally, attach black ground wires using another pair of needle-nose pliers. After attaching them, wrap the joints with scotch tape. The scotch tape will increase safety.

Step-7: Restore The Faceplate

After attaching the fan’s cable to the housing box with the same switch, restore the face plate. Firstly, clean the inner part of the plate with a soft cloth. Grab the faceplate and place it on the outer part of the switch box. Tighten the nuts accurately with the help of a screwdriver. 

But before closing the nuts, ensure all the cables are inside the switch box. It is better to check the connection before closing the cover plate. But if you are not confident enough and don’t have experience working with electric cables, leave it. Close the container first, then check the system.

Step-8: Turn The Power On Again

After a while, turn on the power supply and check if everything works properly. If everything works fine, the wiring process is complete. Otherwise, check whether there is any problem with the wiring connections. If there is any issue, do it again until it works perfectly fine.

4 Benefits Of Wiring A Bath Fan Light Combo Simultaneously

Consider setting up a new bathroom fan with a light at the same time to hang or set the device on the bathtub. This function will ensure that both devices work together seamlessly, which can save time and money in the long run. Below are some benefits of wiring them simultaneously.

1. Saves Money

The first benefit of wiring a bathroom fan with a light simultaneously is that it saves money. The user of this combination does not have to pay twice for both devices because they come as one unit, which saves installation costs. Again, installing both devices will take less time, and there is no need to hire an electrician later.

2. Safer Situation

Another benefit of wiring both devices simultaneously is that it creates a safer situation. This combo provides an additional lighting source when an outage and ventilation is required during hot summer or cold winter seasons. Again, there is no need to use different switches to do this.

3. Easy To Install

Installing both devices in a combination makes it easier for homeowners to install them independently without hiring an electrical technician. The process involves simply attaching the cables after installing both devices on the ceiling above the bathtub or shower area. This installation does not cost much money and time.

4. Single Housing Box

One of the most beneficial uses of an attached fan and light with the same switch is allowing everyone to operate them with a single housing box. There is no need to maintain separate meters for this box. This combination helps quickly calculate the previous month’s summary by reading the box.

5 Tips To Follow While Wiring A Bath Fan Light Combo

Wiring a bath fan and light combo is not a difficult task to do. But wiring a bathroom fan light combo can be tricky for a novice. However, it also requires some skill and knowledge to wire a bathroom fan and light fixture. The following tips may help to wire a bathroom fan and light combo.

Tip-1: Wear Safety Gears

Connecting cables and working with electric wires can sometimes be dangerous. For this reason, always remember to wear safety gear like gloves, goggles, and masks to prevent getting injured during installation. It is also essential to wear shoes that contain accidental electric shocks. 

Tip-2: Test The Connection First

Before installing the new bathroom fan light combo, test the connection first. Use the electrical tester to do this. Try to see if everything works fine together or not. This step will save time later when installing the unit because it can be frustrating if something doesn’t work as expected.

Tip-3: Use Insulated Wires

Use insulated wires to connect the fan and light separately from each other and the switch or outlet that controls them together. Not using an insulated wire may create problems later. They may get hot and melt if they come into contact with bare metal surfaces like screws or nails inside the electrical boxes.

Tip-4: Make A Pigtail Joint

Cut a piece of black wire about 3/4″ long, strip both ends, and twist them together with a cable nut. Then, attach it to one terminal of the switch and connect another cable of the same length to another port. Now, form another pigtail joint with white wires of both fixtures and attach it to the remaining terminal on the switch box.

Tip-5: Wrap With Scotch Tape

Use scotch tape to make a single strand to easily insert that particular cable into an outlet box hole without causing any damage or fraying of wires inside it. Now push this cable through the hole in the outlet box from the back side and secure it tightly by tightening its screws from the front side.

Related Questions:

How Do You Connect A Fan Light Combo In The Bathroom?

First, arrange a proper set of tools to wire a bathroom fan light combo. Get the screwdriver and remove the faceplate of the switch box. Then open the joints of the previously set cables smoothly. After that, separate them by their colors. Remember to disconnect the electricity supply before doing this.

After that, connect the cable of the fan with the housing box. Try to read the manual book of the fan before joining them. Clicking the wrong thread here will burn the system. Then attach the cable with the same switch stuck earlier with the light. Restore the faceplate and test the connectivity.

Can You Connect A Bath Fan And Light On The Same Switch?

Put a bathroom fan and light on the same switch if both are hard-wired to the electrical box. If the fan has integrated light plugs into a wall outlet, cable it directly to the ceiling box. However, most bathroom fans require that they be hard-wired to an outlet in the wall. 

Only use LED bulbs or CFLs as incandescent lights can overheat and cause fires if used with a fan running at high speed. The reason is that they are not to be plugged in and unplugged frequently. However, this will save valuable time and money by not having to hire an electrician or purchase two separate switches.

How To Wire A Ceiling Fan And Light With A Double Switch?

Firstly, gather a screwdriver, nuts, scotch tape, and electrical tools to wire a ceiling fan and light with a double switch. Then take the red cable from the light and make a joint with the motor pigtail. After that, bring the hot wires to the breaker panel and attach them to the switch.

Now, open the bottom nut of the switch and insert the white wire of the fan into it. Try to create an L-shaped formation with the cable. Attach the bolt of the nut with a screwdriver and test the switch. If it works properly, there is no need to worry. But if it does not, then restart from the beginning.

Can You Connect A Red Wire To A Black Wire On A Bath Fan Light Combo?

Connecting the fan’s red wire to the tube light’s black wire is entirely okay. Sometimes, the mechanic may have to click the light’s hot wire to the fan’s black wire. This diverse connection will depend on the hot wire of the fan and the light. This hot wire can have different colors.

First, check the manual book and figure out which hot cable of the device to install. Then attach the black cable to it. Do not mix the different colored wires. An inappropriate connection between these cables may result in burning the whole device. So be careful while choosing the hot wires.

How To Wire A 3-Function Bath Fan Light Combo With The Separate Switch?

Turn off the electricity first to connect a 3-Function bath fan light combo with the separate switch. Then remove the switch plate from the cover. Take the housing box and make the connections required. Insert the 3-connector lever nut in a circular motion. Attach the nut with a screwdriver.

Then connect the ground wires properly. Use scotch tape to wrap up the joints. After that, click the neutral cables. Install the screwless wall plate. Make sure that the wires are all together in the box. Restore the faceplate on the switch box by tightening all the nuts

What Kind Of Wires Are Needed To Wire A Bath Fan Light Combo?

Firstly, collect or buy a 15-amp circuit breaker for the ventilation fan with 14-gauge wiring. But, if the fan has a heater installed, it will require 12-gauge wiring. In this case, change the circuit breaker to 20-amp so the fan does not get burnt. Cool down the system for at least 10 minutes, then move to the next option.

Again, use 12 AWG or more prominent conductors to install the light with the air mover. Connect the wire with at least one 20-25 ampere circuit. This circuit will supply electricity to the washroom only. But never use a 14 AWG conductor to attach the light. This conductor is not fit for all types of connections.

Final Verdict:

Nowadays, people in the urban areas love to wire a bath fan light combo to have a single switch and minimize the electricity bill. You don’t have to call a professional mechanic to combine them in a single button. Remember that working with electricity can be dangerous, so never forget the safety gear.

However, this article shares my practical experience of joining the fan cables and light in my bathroom. Hopefully, this information was helpful. Just follow the instructions and do it accordingly.

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