How To Make LED Bulbs Brighter? [5 Trouble-free Ways]

How To Make LED Bulbs Brighter

LED bulbs are more effective for producing a bright light up to 80-90%, which is more than incandescent. To get the maximum shining light, everyone should make the LED brighter. But the majority don’t know how to make LED bulbs brighter. And for this, learning how to make LED bulbs brighter is a required subject.

Everyone wants to get a much stronger bulb to provide maximum brightness to meet their needs to make it perfect. For brightening it, you need a simple guide, right? I will discuss here everything people need to know about it.

The writing presents the most straightforward way and the other essential things to make LED bulbs brighter. You’ll be glad to know the trouble-free method. By following the guidance, everyone can meet their own needs regarding their taste. Keep reading and do what I am told to do here.

5 Effective Ways To Make Led Bulbs Brighter: Easy To Do

There are several effective ways to increase brightness. However, if anyone can apply the methods correctly, the work will be easier to get better results. 5 effective and easy ways to make LED bulbs brighter are given below:

Way-1 Lampshade Solution:

As the light from the bulb spreads around, it becomes less flexible. It may become dimmer to reduce the light. So, now let’s think about concentrating on the light. If it is focused, it can become energized without scattering the ray where necessary. 

Lately, lampshades can be used in the form of angles. This is an excellent system to increase the brightness of the LED bulb. Due to this advantage of the lampshade, the light cannot be dimmed. Thus, by using a lampshade, anyone can adequately enhance the LED bulbs’ brightness.

Way-2 Color Temperature:

Considering the temperature of the light. This way, the brightness of the light is observed at the cold temperature. In warm light, the light is less bright than in cold light. But there is not much difference in the use of electricity. 

If your LED bulb system is made in Kelvin of warm light, change this to cool kelvin. Many do not believe light can be bright or dim because of these temperature differences. However, the difference is noticeable when the brightness of the light is observed by changing the kelvin.

Way-3 Brightening Efficiency:

Fixtures and lumens are related to the power of any bulb. Because if the bulb’s lumen is incompatible with the fixture’s wattage, it is almost impossible to get the light correctly. But if anyone is not enlightened enough, one can think of any kind of damage beyond your imagination.

Way-4 Proper Voltage:

One thing is that the brightness of the LED bulb depends a lot on the voltage. Increasing the brightness requires more current. But because of the number of ohms, people don’t have to think about it. But think carefully about how many bulbs anyone wants to light in a current line.

Besides, the thing is also a matter of significant concern whether the voltage is overloading or not. Again at the very low voltage, the bulb bursts and is damaged. A good result can be expected if it is handled properly. Thus, considering the electric voltage, anyone can manage the brightness of the LED bulb.

Way-5 Reflective Material:

Some reflective materials play a significant role in increasing the brightness of the LED bulb.  For this, you can collect some mirrors. Also, these can be done with different mirror reflective tapes. But you have to pay attention to the reflections. Think, where do you need your light bulb? Set the tape accordingly. 

Using tape in a place is not the right option where the tape can get hot in the light of the bulb. That’s why the most popular tape is the 3M tape. This thing increases the brightness of the light very nicely. 

9 Reasons Why LED Bulbs Lose Their Brightness

LED lights are naturally bright and have a long life, but they might get reduced for several reasons. So you must check out these reasons if you face the brightness problem:

1. Lifespan Of Bulbs: 

LED lights have a long life of around 50,000 and 70,000, 10 to 15 years maximum. The lifespan is fantastic compared to other bulbs, yet it doesn’t mean it’ll last forever. The losing brightness indicates that the bulb is old and must be replaced. Take initiatives to increase the brightness of the new one.

2. Power Supply Insufficiency: 

Insufficient power will affect your light brightness. If the power supply doesn’t match the required light and voltage, it will reduce the brightness and damage it. You must check the voltage ratings and buy an LED lamp according to your house. It is an excellent issue to lose the brightness of the bulb.

3. Loose Wire: 

The loose wires will not supply the required energy to the bulb, preventing the brightness and leading to flickering, shorts, etc. It can affect the LED chip and makes your light appear dim. Ensure the wires and screws are correctly connected. Make sure the wire connection is perfect for supplying the required energy.

4. High Temperature: 

Due to high temperatures, LED lights lose their brightness by 50% to 70%. It can destroy the power supply, and the max temperature at the lights work is 25 degrees, or they will lose their brightness. Also, LEDs work best in an excellent environment. 

5. Poor Quality: 

If you install the poor-quality LED light fixture, the light will lose brightness due to the poor-quality elements. The faulty fixture couldn’t absorb the current appropriately, making the light fluctuate. Make sure the bulb is quality full and get the proper brightness you need.

6. Surge Wattage: 

The brightness will reduce due to incorrect wattage if you have installed a similar circuit, bulbs, Microwave, and other high-load electronics that will reduce the output of the brightness. The brightness will be stable by turning off the high-load devices. To make the light brighter, fix the issue properly.

7. Old Wiring: 

Old wiring can affect the voltage or lower voltage if you have connected many devices to it. The old wires can’t handle loads of many appliances, so the light will reduce the brightness.

8. Dimmer: 

The switch dimmer is not comparable to some LED lights. Ordinary dimmers are not meant to handle low wattage of energy efficiency for it. It can cause the light to reduce brightness and burn out the light. So, buy a dimmer that matches the power when purchasing the product.  

9. High voltage: 

If the LED bulb is burned out multiple times, the main line or circuit breaker provides the required high power. The electricity is around 230volts to 50volts. The high voltage can damage the light and cause brightness issues if it increases more. So, fix the problem quickly.

Factors That Make LED Light Brighter: Must-Know Thoughts

Many facts make the light bright. Light-emitting diodes are modern technology that provides high efficiency, longevity, quick switching, and a vibrant color spectrum. Here we have mentioned the factor that makes the bulb bright more than incandescent bulbs:

  • Lumens: 

Measure the brightness of the lights depending on the lumens. Its lumen is placed inside the sealed integrating sphere, which makes the light bounce around in all directions. Moreover, lumens deprive of the luminous flux, calculating the full power of the light. Also, that’s why high-power bulbs are called high-flux.  

  • Generating Light:

The light has a semiconductor that allows electrons to send P-n junctions. The N semiconductor loads the p semiconductor to release the energy as light. But, for atomic interaction to work, the P semiconductor has a higher voltage potential than the N semiconductor. 

  • Resistance: 

Lower resistance makes the light brighter. Automotive power is 12Volts, and LED runs best over 2-4 Volts. Color depends. So. make sure to use resistor elements to lower the voltage that matches LED Lights. So, as temperature rises, resistance increases. 

  • Temperature: 

Heat directly loses heat energy (dissipation capacity) from its surface area. The LED lights’ references’ heat generation is straight proportional to their power. The semiconductor device (PN) is afraid of heat. So, mostly to sink the heat, professionals add aluminum to make the LED light brighter. 

  • Fixture: 

Fixture makes an impactful difference. To make the bulb brighter, fix the fixture lower. LOR (light output ratio), ensures to install the high LOR percentage fixture or the light lost inside the fixture. The fixture will brighten the light with minimum electricity. However, LEDs are already bright and consume less energy.

  • Wattage: 

LED efficiency means the amount of light developed from each watt of consumed power. It will convert the energy and light. The total output of the light and the incandescent bulb has 50 lumens. The incandescent bulb is 50/5 means 10 lumens watt only. However, the bulb efficiency is 50/.72, or around per watt 70 candescent, making it more efficient. 

  • Current: 

You can’t directly plug the light into the socket as it requires forward voltage. If a light needs 3.0-3.2 volts, adjusting the voltage higher or lower can affect the brightness. Determining a small amount of current as amps, amperes, and milliamps. Each Amp has 1000 milliamps, and the maximum current turns into a brighter LED. 

Related Questions:

How Do You Increase The Brightness Of Your Led Bulbs?

Try to brighten the Led bulb by using a reflector, or lampshade, or switching to a higher temperature color as they are brighter than warm LED color lights. Plenty of ventilation enhances the led light life, and a mirror reflector increases the focus and angle of light. 

You can also install fresnel lenses as cover on your lamp but buy thick plastic for better results, magnifying the light more. These tricks will make your LED light bright and make your house brighten a little more.

However, depending on the light lumens, you must check the fixture’s wattage. Putting the light into an incorrect fixture will lower the lighting. Check if the LED light screw is tight, which could also be the reason for dim lighting. 

Why Are My LED Strip Lights Not As Bright?

Try to understand that LED lights are manufactured to operate at an optimal voltage. If the voltage is overpowering, it can overheat the LED strips and get damaged internally. If the lights are underpowered, it can lead to dim lightning. However, it might behave haphazardly at extremely low voltages. So, use wires through the ceiling.

Moreover, long electrical wiring and LED strips can be the reason for the dropping in the voltages. The conductors add resistively, and the lights dim due to operating below optimal voltages. You must install the proper system to use LED strip lights and other feature choices to minimize voltage drop.

How Can You Add More Power To Your Led Strip Lights?

Adding more power to LED strips is simple. You need to install a large wire as it’s less resistant according to your power source and LED strips. A large wire can carry power efficiently. Also, you must minimize the LED strip running length by dividing it into two sections. Whether to cover the entire room with a long one strip, separate them into two, and make them half.

Furthermore, the wire length depends on the total load, wiring, power source, etc. These elements affect voltage drop. But the standard wiring length is two average-density or high-density strips in a row. So the power load is reduced, and the wiring won’t get heat. This thing will provide your LED strip with more power. 

Do LED Bulbs Get Brighter With More Voltage?

The LED bulb does not get brighter at maximum voltage. When installing, you put in the wrong or inadequate power supply for the lights. However,  LED bulbs work best at rated power, current, and voltage. If the driver to the power supply does not match the rated voltage or power of the led lights, it will not light up as bright as it can. 

For a better working experience, it is crucial to put the perfect voltage rating of LED bulbs accordingly. However, inappropriate voltage to LED or ordinary lights can damage or burn out. Therefore, there is a need to provide a higher voltage for conducting, but the controllable territory is still less. You can control current rather than voltage and receive it as a forward voltage fixed value.

Do LED Strip Lights Dim Over Time?

The Led strips get dim over time, or if you haven’t installed them correctly, your led strip lights might change the color due to damage. If the LED is damaged at different rates, it eventually shifts color over time. The delta ‘ve'” has color stability, yet delta ‘ve’ over 0.003  has a different color of light. 

Plus, the longevity of the led strip is a most concerning element. The power supply and adhesive failed by sudden damage, falsing, flickering, and suffering. Moreover, the reason could be dust, humidity, and exposure to sunlight that can damage the strip, dropping off its established surface.

What Happens If You Put Too Much Voltage Through An Led?

If you put too much voltage through a LED, the LED will blow out, damage, or in most cases, cause a fire. The led lights have the power of Ohm’s selected. If this gets overloaded, it can’t resist and heats, causing a fire. The LED bulb’s average voltage is 1.8 and 3.3, so it consists of. 

The circuits are not designed to hold too much voltage and can’t keep the thing for long. The lights get brighter for a short time, but they will eventually burn before the time out because they were not designed to handle such an electrical load. 

How Do You Use Power Down And Brightness Up For Led Lights?

LED lights consume less power than any other light, but controlling power down and brightness up for the LED is simple. Most LEDs lights come with remotes to control the brightness and power. So, in the remote, two buttons are provided, upper left and right corners, with “plus and – minus” signs to adjust the brightness. 

The power button is also given in the same row, and it is easy to control the power from it. However, you can control the led lights by mobile app. Turning up, increasing, or decreasing the led lights is possible. You must select the light color, brightness, and mode and set the timer switch. 

Final Verdict:  

Making LED bulbs brighter is not complicated at all. However, you need to understand the symptoms of dimming. If you know well about this bulb, you can understand exactly which way to increase the brightness. Know each way very well, understand what is most suitable for your bulb, and follow the guideline accordingly.

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