How To Make Ceiling Fan LED Lights Brighter? [Make Things Easy]

How To Make Ceiling Fan LED Lights Brighter

Having a ceiling fan LED light is an outstanding achievement. The absolute nightmare comes in when the amount of light it gives out is way less than that of a candlelight dinner. This comprehensive guide will reveal how to make ceiling fan LED lights brighter.

The most immediate action should be to try adjusting the brightness using a remote control. If it doesn’t work, replace the existing bulbs with ones of high voltage and lumens.

I have installed three fan lights in my home. All came with this issue, and I almost took the first off. Luckily, I learned how to make the problem go away, and I later bought the other two. I am going to share the entire process related to your unknown fact.

5 Ways To Make Ceiling Fan LED Light Brighter: Extend Room’s Aesthetic 

Ceiling fan LED lights are used in many homes as the primary light source. They can, however, be too dim. This can be due to various reasons. Depending on how much brightness there is and why it is fuzzy. Fortunately,  there are multiple ways to try and solve this issue.

Way 1: Using The Remote Control

Modern ceiling fan LED lights are integrated to remote control LEDs. If your ceiling fan came with a remote control, I bet you can solve this issue by pressing a button. The remote can control the brightness and dimness of the fan’s light.

The remote control comes with different instructions from different manufacturers. In some, you press the light button for some time, adjusting the brightness or dimness of your bulb. In other controls, try to hold the power button for the same effect. Mostly the remote will solve this issue. Before purchasing or rewiring your fan, you should try this step first.

Way 2: Replacing The Bulb

If the above technique does not work, it can be that the bulb is at its maximum limit. This means you have to get a new brighter bulb that has a higher lumen. Most ceiling bulbs are regulated at 40W. This, however, should not worry you.

LED bulbs use less power as compared to other bulbs. This is good because, at higher lumens, it takes up only a few more voltages. You also do not want to have too bright lights that they become irritating. Just purchase a new LED bulb with a higher lumen than the one you have and screw it in place.

Way 3: Removing The Wattage Limiter 

Fan LED lights are a green environment lighting design. They are manufactured to reduce power usage and hence promote the environment. This means they are regulated for use by bulbs with a maximum of 40W. To ensure this, they come with a wattage limiter.

The limiter could be the problem if the above processes do not work. It could be regulating the amount of power being directed to your bulb. If this is the case, you might consider removing the black box. Consult an expert on how to go about it and also for safety. With enough power, your bulb can illuminate your house with maximum efficiency.

Way 4: Tack Sufficient LED Chips

LED chips are the backbone of light emissions on LED bulbs. They are manufactured having various wavelengths, voltage, and brightness. They allow electricity to pass through them and emit light of multiple wavelengths depending on its voltage. The blue light is then converted to the white light we see.

Check to see the size and type of LED chip. Upgrade to a higher one. This will increase the diode’s voltage and wavelength of light. This will, in turn, increase the brightness of the white light emitted.

Way 5: Bright With Bigger Junction Led

An LED junction allows the current to jump through to emit photons. The larger the current will enable, the more photons are generated. In return, the photons are concentrated in a lense, increasing brightness. The more the photons, the brighter the LED bulb.

There are now models of LED bulbs manufactured with more prominent junctions. They are easy to install and emit enough brightness to illuminate the room. You can use them to supplement your lighting needs.

Reasons Why Ceiling Fan LED Lights Light Less Bright

No one would love to buy lights that do not illuminate the house as much as they require. WIth ceiling fan lights, this is not always the case. They may be less bright to the extent you feel like removing them. This could be because of various reasons. Here are some reasons your ceiling light LED bulb could be lit less bright.

  • Poor Connection

It is essential to connect the fan to the electrical system in your home. Working with electricity can be a challenging task for an inexperienced person. One might do the wiring poorly, causing the bulbs to receive a low electric current. 

Always seek professional advice when working with electricity. Before changing the bulbs and the fan, always check if the wires are correctly connected. This could be the cause of your problem.

  • Incompatible Bulbs

Modern ceiling fan LED lights to come specified for sure bulbs. Installing different kinds of bulbs like fluorescent ones can cause the lights to be dim. Some may even flicker. This may not be due to faults in the fans but the compatibility of the bulb. Always use the bulbs specific for that fan. This can help increase the illumination of that bulb.

  • Programming

Some fans come programmed to be dim. This, however, can be regulated since they come with a brightness regulator. If your lights seem too vague, adjust the brightness using the regulator to your preference. This works almost every time. If that is not the case, you can try the above diagnostic tests and solutions.

  • Unaware Remote Interference

You all know how children love playing with a remote. They can, in the process, adjust the bulb brightness minus knowing. This may cause the lights to be less bright. 

Press down the light button to adjust brightness. If this does not work, press the on and off switches for the same effect. If that does not work, then the cause may be another reason.

  • Voltage Limiter 

The reason behind the use of fan LED lights was a green economy. This means regulating power consumption. Most fan lights are set at a maximum of 40W. To ensure low per usage, LED lights must be instilled with a voltage limiter.

A limiter causes the light not to access its full lumen power. In turn, the bulb is dim. Removing the black box can cause increased illumination hence increased brightness.

4 Tips To Make Ceiling Fan LED Light Brighter

To access the full potential of your LED bulbs, you can use the following tips. They will make your bulb bright enough to illuminate the room. This and the lumens the bulb emits can make your bulb bright.

Tip 1: Remove The Black Box

Some fans come with a wattage limiter. Call a professional electrician to remove it. A limiter regulates the current flow to the bulb, limiting its lumen power. Always check if your fan has a limiter. It can help you save on the undesirable purchase of bulbs to try and increase brightness.

Tip 2: Use Bulbs With High Lumens

When purchasing a bulb, always buy one with more lumens. This makes it brighter rather than going for wats which increase power consumption. Lumens only focus on light emission. I would recommend choosing a bulb with more than 10000 lumens. You can constantly adjust the brightness with a remote.

Tip 3: Make Sure You Make the connection As indicated

When installing, always follow the instructions as indicated in the manual. Failure to do this can cause your bulb to dim or flicker. Always seek professional support if you do not know how to go about the wiring. Working with electricity can be dangerous. Always consider your safety.

Tip 4: Use The Right Bulbs

Ceiling fan lights come with specifications of the bulb to be used. Always read the specification. Avoid mixing different bulbs; this can cause your bulb to be dim and sometimes flicker. If it is LED indicated, only use those bulbs. This increases the lifespan of your fan light also. Learn to follow instructions.

Related question:

What Types Of LED Light Bulbs Make Your Room Brighter?

Various LED bulbs can be used depending on the size of the room and the uses. LED bulbs have an indication at the back showing the lumens they emit and the color gradient. Bulbs with more lumens and a vast color gradient are brighter than those with fewer lumens. 

For a brighter room, go for a bulb with more lumens than the current one. Forget about the wats indicated on a bulb. Always consider the number of lumens when seeking brightness.

How Do You Add A LED Light Bulb To Your Ceiling Fan?

Most ceiling fans have a bulb fix point, purchase a bulb and screw it in place. Open up the underside with a screwdriver for the enclosed fans to access the bulb fixing point. Always work when the power is off; only turn it on when the task is done.

Some outdated ceiling fans that were not meant to be room lighters lack a bulb holder. I recommend upgrading the new ceiling fans that can work as a room light and a cooler. Depending on the type purchased, install the bulb as indicated above.

Why Is Your LED Ceiling Light Not Bright?

A dim LED light can be due to several reasons. First, the fan might be programmed to dim, and you must adjust the brightness manually. 2nd, a member of your family might have interfered with the remote causing the bulb to be dim. In this case, adjust brightness using the remote control. 

Poor wiring is another reason. So. check whether the wires are correctly connected and act accordingly. Use a bulb with fewer lumens. This causes the bulb to be dim. In that case, buy one with higher lumens.

How Do LED Lights Get Brighter?

Depending on why the bulb is dim, there are various remedies to make your light brighter. You can use your remote control to increase brightness. If this does not work, you can consider changing your bulb. Various bulbs have different lumens. 

When looking for brightness, purchase a bulb with more lumens than the current one. The reason can also be wattage regulation. Check if your fan has a black box. If present, seek professional help and remove it. This will increase the bulb’s brightness.

Can You Change The LED Lights In A Ceiling Fan?

Changing the LED lights in your ceiling fan is a DIY task. You just have to get a ladder and a screwdriver. Open the casing to access the bulb holder. Remove the old bulb and screw in the new bulb.

Some fans don’t have a casing, and you just unscrew the existing bulb and fox the new one in place. Always turn off the power of your house when doing this task. Working with electricity can be dangerous. Turn on the power when you are done.

Can You Change The Brightness Of LED Lights?

You do not have to use a bulb that does not serve the purpose. You can always increase the brightness of your LED lights. LED lights come in various color gradients and lumens to suit your desire. Some come with remote controls to adjust brightness accordingly.

Depending on how bright you want the room to be, you can always upgrade to a bulb with more lumens. This comes at low power consumption, so you do not have to worry. Upgrade to the brightness of your choice.

How Long Do LED Ceiling Fans Last?

LED lights come with an indication of their lifespan. Depending on the hours used per day, the life span of each LED bulb varies. A typical 3 hours per day usage can mean a 23-year life span which is quite a long life. The more hours you use the bulb per day, the less its life span.

It can also be affected by temperature. When the bulb is instalLED in a way that it cannot emit heat to the surrounding, its life span decreases. The heat generated needs to be articulated for an increased life span. Generally, an LED bulb can last for 7 years under unfavorable circumstances.

Final Verdict:

In this article, I have addressed how to make ceiling fan LED lights brighter. I have also addressed the reasons as to why the lights can be dim and gigivenou the remedies. Always seek professional advice when working with electricity. 

Ceiling LED lights are the new energy-saving lighting designs. Now that you know how to interact with the ceiling fan lights, it is high time for an upgrade. If one has already been fixed in place and has been having brightness issues, try out these solutions.

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