How To Make A Pull Chain Ceiling Fan Smart? [Easy Way To Go]

How To Make A Pull Chain Ceiling Fan Smart

Pull chain ceiling fans are a common feature in most of our households and most of us are familiar with them. But they have become outdated in the way they operate, and I am here to show you can convert a pull chain ceiling fan into a smart fan. I have discussed the steps that someone can use to make this switch.

Changing the pull chain ceiling fans to smart fans leads to an increase in efficiency and also dramatically improves the user experience. This change also improves a modern fan that is easier to use. It’s also a great way of reducing energy consumption in our offices, houses, and places of recreation.

I will indicate some ways that someone can use to convert the pull chain ceiling fan into a smart ceiling fan. I have also highlighted the considerations one must make before choosing a specific method to move from the old pull switch ceiling fans into the smart fans. 

5 Ways To Make A Pull Chain Ceiling Fan Smart With Switch

After much consideration and thinking, someone may have decided to convert their pull ceiling fan into an efficient fan, and I can guarantee you that the conversion is effortless. I have highlighted some ways that will enable you to move from the old pull chain fans to the smart fans.

Way 1: Installing A Smart Ceiling Switch Wall Switch

Start by replacing the existing light switch with a smart one. This switch enables users of the rooms to control the room’s fans and lights from the same interface. It also has features that allow a home user to adjust the fan and light using a laptop or Phone.

Way 2: Use A Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Controller Kit

A remote control kit is installed inside the fan’s body. The control kit is used when the pull ceiling fan is not equipped with a remote control. This remote control kit enables one to remotely access the smart fan without pulling the chain ceiling fan. The use of the remote equipment doubles the convenience levels for the users of the fans.

Way 3: Installing A WiFi Ceiling Fan Control Device

This one places a control device inside the housing of the ceiling fan. It does not mean one has to disassemble the fan entirely. One simply has to remove the cover and wire in the device without much hustle. This control device allows the user to operate the fan without being physically there.

Way 4: Switch All Fan Outlets To Smart Mode

If the plug outlets for the fans are standard, they have to be converted into intelligent outlets that can access the WiFi. This plug outlet is what will now take command prompts from the users using their smart devices remotely. The users can access the fans from anywhere and even switch them on before arriving.

Way 5: Use A Bond Network System

This networking device allows all the fans in a house to be on the same network. It, therefore, makes work very easy for the user, who will have all the control over the fans from anywhere. The Bond system works by learning the frequencies used by the remotes and using them over time.

5 Reasons To Make A Old Pull Chain Ceiling Fan Smart

There are various reasons why someone should convert their old pull chain ceiling fan into an intelligent fan, and I have elaborated on them below. 

1. Reduces The Work Involved And Effort Put In

The old pull chain fan is very engaging, and the user has to access it physically. There are many fans, so one has to access every fan and pull it. Imagine how taxing it would be to switch all the fans in a household. This is too much work for the users of these old fans.

2. Increases Efficiency

Smart fans will increase the fan handle’s rotation efficiency to give accurate flow. This is because the smart fan comes in many different modes, including the various speeds available for the fans. Smart fans enable the user to efficiently use them compared to old pull chains, which develop issues once too often and are majorly inefficient because of the technical aspect.

3. Increases Convenience

The use of smart fans allows the user to remotely access them even when they are not in the house. This is because they are connected in a network that enables them to work perfectly with others at any given time. Therefore, one can switch them on at their bed or office. This level of convenience is a great advantage for smart fans.

4. Control Over Lights

Using the smart switch, one has control over the lighting of the rooms as well. Someone can remotely switch on the gate lights or the compound lights even when not at home. This dramatically improves the aspect of security in the house. The smart fan also has dim features where one can dim the lights. 

5. Use Of Sensors

The smart fan incorporates sensors into it where someone can walk in, and it will sense their presence. When they sense the users, they light the room up and power up the fan according to the speed and brightness that will have been set. In this case, one doesn’t have to use switches or smart plugs.

Things You Should Consider When Making Ceiling Fan Smartest

Before making a ceiling fan smart, one must understand and consider some factors that may be affected by the decision to switch. Below are some considerations one needs to make when making fans smart.

  • The Energy Consumption

Someone must consider the energy the intelligent fan will be consuming when in use. When one gets this amount, compare it with the current energy consumption level one is currently on. This will help make an informed choice moving forward and always choose the option using less energy. It’s important to note that intelligent fans consume less energy than pull chain fans.

  •   The Technical Aspect

Understanding how the brilliant fan works is essential because it’s not just about pulling anymore. The use of intelligent devices and smart plugs comes into play here. There are various applications and software that are used in the smart fans that are easy to use.

It will help if one decides whether the users will be able to adapt or they will find some difficulty in shifting to the new ways of operating the fans. Someone must be ready and willing to learn the different features of the smart fan. The smart fans are, however, easy to understand and operate.

  • The Costs

The cost implications of converting an old ceiling fan into an intelligent fan are significant to the owner. One can make it wise to a certain extent if their budget is too strained because some additional features can be added later. It is not compulsory to have all the smart features at once.

  •  Access To WiFi

Someone may decide to install the smart fans, but they do not even have access to internet connectivity. They then have to make arrangements with an internet service provider so that they may be able to use and enjoy the smart fans to the very end. Access to WiFi enables control of the fans remotely by the users.

  • Maintenance

One will have to determine how often the smart fans require maintenance. This is to determine whether the experts are readily available and the time they take to do the checks if the need arises. This is because one may install them in an area where no one is conversant with how they run, and therefore repairing the fans when they get damaged becomes an issue.

5 Tips To Make Your Backdated Ceiling Fan Smarter

I have come up with some valuable tips to help you get the old pull chain ceiling fan to be innovative. These tips are useful as you transition. They will guide the conversion process well to the end. The easy guidelines are as follows below.

Tip-1: Use A Double Switch

In this, remember to get a double switch that will host the ceiling fan switch and the light switch. The use of single switches leads to more space consumption by the switch because it means that there will be two: one for the fan and another for the light. The use of a double switch, therefore, saves on cost and space.

Tip-2: Set The Sensors

If necessary, set the sensors to the fan so they can automatically shut off based on the room’s temperature and humidity. This is important because it will help conserve energy, thus saving on the costs to the owners.

Tip-3: Get User-Friendly Software

Ensure to acquire easy-to-use software interfaces that are not complicated and easy to learn and understand. Please stay away from software that may be too complicated to use and that will frustrate you or other users to the point where they disregard them instead of embracing them.

Tip-4: Get The Smart Bridge Product

This is an important control system that works very well. It connects the fans into a single network and thus makes the whole fans accessible as one over WiFi. This system also includes voice command systems such as Alexa from Amazon or Siri from Apple.

Tip-5: Get LED Lights Installed

Someone should also ensure that they install some LED lights on the fans to have an aesthetic look. These lights consume less energy than other lights and can be used in the room when they don’t want too much light. Consider placing these lights as they will bring energy costs down.

Related questions:

How Do You Turn Your Ceiling Fan Into A Smart Ceiling Fan?

Using Bond, creating a network of intelligent fans makes this possible. This control system learns the frequencies that the fans operate at and convert these frequencies into control interfaces that are easy to use and compatible with smart devices.

Bond uses this single network connection to enable the users to access all the fans in their house at a go. The users then have absolute control over the functions they want the fans to perform. They have features that allow them to have temperature sensors and voice command systems.

Are Pull Chain Ceiling Fan Remotes IR Or RF?

They are RF, meaning that these remotes have Radio Frequency enabled remote control, which means that they contain an RF chip placed in the remote. Most of these remotes operate between 300-440 Hz, which makes them more suitable for use with fans.

RF signals are usually used because they do not require a clear line of sight like IR signals; therefore, they can pass through a room’s walls. The remote does not have to be in the same room as the fan for it to work.

How Can You Make Your Dumb Ceiling Fan Smarter?

Smarten up your dumb ceiling fan with a WiFi control system. This is where one will get the fan opened up, and a control system will be wired into the fan. This will then be configured with the WiFi network and put in the network with access to your smart devices.

The fan control system allows someone to access their control functions remotely using the network, so the fans become smarter automatically. One can turn the fans on and off even when they are far from the owner. In addition, they will be able to use voice control.

Can You Install A Smart Switch For A Ceiling Fan?

Installation of a smart switch is possible by replacing the current light switch in the room with a double switch that controls the light and the ceiling fan. The touch panel is installed and works by receiving signals and commands from the hub and transmitting them to a smartphone.

The touch panel allows people to enter a room where they can control the fan and the lights. Using an intelligent switch dramatically increases convenience and reduces the task of getting up and physically pulling a chain for the fan to start working.

Can You Add A Remote To A Pull Chain Fan?

Adding a remote to a pull chain fan is possible by adding a universal ceiling fan remote control kit to the pull chain fan. An internal receiver is wired into the fan, and the chain can also be disconnected at this point. Proceed to then create a network for these remote-controlled fans.

This network will be placed inside a bond product, which learns the frequencies the fan is communicating in and transmits them to the remote. The Bond, in turn, has radio frequency chips inside them that enable the fans to be controlled from outside the rooms containing the fans.

Can You Connect Alexa To Your Ceiling Fan?

Connecting the ceiling fan and Alexa is possible using Bond, a network that allows access and remote control of all fans within the network. With WiFi networking, the fans are in line with the users and have several sensor features, such as voice control.

Bond’s voice system makes Alexa’s use possible by transmitting signals from the fan to the hub. It has sensors that connect with Alexa, allowing the user to access the voice systems.

How Do You Bypass The Pull Chain On A Ceiling Fan?

Bypassing the pull chain is possible through the installation of a wall switch. Switching it up and removing the pull chain on the fan is quite simple and not complicated. You will do this by disconnecting the wiring from the pull switch and wiring it to the switch one has installed.

Someone should, however, be cautious as wrong wiring can have damaging effects on the fan or can physically cause harm to you. Ensure to have switched off the main power, then disconnect the wires attached to the pull chain and connect the wires to the wall switch.

Are Ceiling Fan Pull Chain Switches Universal?

They are not universal. Different companies make these switches, which is why they are not the same. The switches also come in different sizes and use separate buttons, making it difficult to have a universal switch for all the fans.

One has to remove the defective switch from the fan and use it to look for a replacement. You will then take pictures of the connection at the fan and use them to look for a substitute for the hardware.

Final verdict:

I have shown how easy it is to make pull chain ceiling fans smart. I, therefore, invite all of you to be on the course of history-making technological advancements. One of these ways is by using smart ceiling fans.

We should all embrace technology, and a great way to start this off is by adopting the use of smart fans in our living rooms and office spaces. This way, we will surely get everything in our lives smart with time.

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