How To Keep Birds Off Outdoor Ceiling Fans? [Easy Process]

How To Keep Birds Off Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Although birds can be beautiful and melodious guests on your patio, they can also be destructive and annoying. They can cause a lot of havoc to your roof and your outdoor ceiling fan.

Sometimes, your space can transition from bliss to a problematic and noisy atmosphere. Learning how to keep birds off your outdoor ceiling fan will save you from all the noise. It will also protect your fan from damage.

Unfortunately, various birds are protected by legal procedures, which prevent you from disturbing them. So, be careful not to go against the law. After following all the protocols, apply different methods to keep them away. No specific skills are required during this procedure. Simply, try to understand what most birds are attracted to.

6 Simple Ways To Keep Birds Off Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Birds can easily become a nuisance once they make a home in your outdoor space. They can destroy your outdoor ceiling fan and other accessories. These mess-ups will be reduced if no birds are in the outdoor fan. Here are some perfect methods to keep them off.

 Way 1: Using Reflective Lights

Hang any type of reflector around your outdoor setting. The reflectors include pie plates, foil, shiny pinwheels, or tiny mirrors and CDs. These reflectors are the number one enemy to birds since the sunlight causes distraction, which makes them get confused.

Way 2: Setting Up Predator Decoys

Typically, a bird would never approach any area that posed harm. This type of behavior is intuitive and not learned. For instance, a fake owl with a bobbing head that appears to be moving can be placed on the fan. This genius method will surely freak the birds away.

Way 3: Getting Rid Of Bird Feeders Or Birdbaths

This method applies to those who possess birdbaths or feeders. Simply eradicate these accessories since they serve as an attraction to most birds. Alternatively, keep them a few meters away from your outdoor ceiling fan just in case you have a bird pet.

Way 4: Erecting Wind Chimes

You may have encountered some sort of jiggling metal hanging in ancient temples. These are known as wind chimes, often used to keep away evil spirits. For messy birds, wind chimes help deter them from noise. Hang them near your outdoor ceiling fan or any other suitable position.

Way 5: Applying Baking Soda

You can also try sprinkling baking soda on your outdoor space, like on the railings. In addition, try to appraise the most common perching areas for ultimate effects. Usually, baking soda gives birds a weird feeling under their toes, which makes them feel uncomfortable.

Way 6: Getting Bird-Repelling Odor

Bird-repelling scents are simple and inexpensive to apply. The smells can be found in food-related ingredients like vinegar, lemons, garlic, chili, and more. Simply make a solution from one of them, then spray it on common landing places or around your outdoor ceiling fan. Most birds hate the smell of these ingredients and will try to stay away from them.

DIY Homemade Birds Control Spikes You Should Try

Bird spikes are effective and deterrent solutions that prevent birds from gaining a foothold on common landing surfaces. Numerous people rely on homemade bird control spikes since they are cheap and straightforward. Try out the following homemade spikes that keep birds off your ceiling.

1. DIY Bird Spikes From Fencing Material

To make bird spikes from fencing material, gather the following tools:

  • Galvanized 2 inches × 3 inches 16-gauge fencing material.
  • Wire cutters or fence clippers
  • Galvanized 1-1/4” roofing nails
  • A hammer
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Gloves (optional)

Cut the fencing material to create your spikes. Orienting the spacing to run down at the center of the spikes or alternating the fencing material gives similar results. After, use the needle-nose pliers to bend every central point of the wire at around a 360-degree angle. 

Next, secure the strips with roofing nails to any preferred surface. Bend the installed wire to form spikes by alternating between a “wide and a narrow vee.” This procedure will be effective due to its simplicity and practicality.

2. DIY Bird Spike From Aviary Netting

Gather the following materials:

  • Galvanized aviary netting 
  • Gardening gloves 
  • Wire cutters or tin snips

With your 5 squares’ wide aviary netting, snip the sides at a 90-degree angle to showcase some wire. Move to the center row and snip alternate joints. This will make perfect squares.

The overall look of the bird spikes will look like a double row of long Staples. Install the spikes to any desired area while securing them with a screw that overlaps the wire.

3. DIY Bird Spikes From Wire Mesh

First, gather the following things:

  • Galvanized steel mesh around 1” × 0.5” × 19.”
  • Wire cutters

Cut the galvanized steel mesh with wire cutters so that one side of each strip has sharp edges. After, try to cross each abrupt end over each other.

To conclude the installation, firmly secure your bird spike on any ideal surface. The sharp ends of the mesh will prevent birds from landing without inflicting pain.

6 Tips To Keep Birds Off Your Outdoor Ceiling Fans

The most exasperating thing about birds is that they can destroy anything they land or poop on, including your outdoor ceiling fan. This is why a few practical tips are necessary to help protect your treasured ceiling fan. Check out the following list.

Tip 1: Identify Landing Grounds

Before applying any bird-deterring method, first, investigate the most common landing zones. This can be on window seals, railings, outdoor furniture, and more.

Landing zones can be figured out easily by monitoring the birds frequently. Then, begin applying different methods to make them feel uncomfortable and unsafe during perching. For example, sprinkling baking soda on the landing zones causes discomfort on their toes.

Tip 2: Create Landing Risk

This method first suspends a wire from one end to the other along with the Apex. Drill two perfect holes on a suitable roof part, then screw hooks approximately 3.5 inches above ridge tile height. 

Pull a stainless steel wire or fishing line without force on the springs. The main aim of this method is to make birds feel at risk when they try to land on the wire as it moves up and down.

Tip 3: Add Strong Smell To Your Outdoor Setting

There are numerous bird-repelling odors on the market nowadays. This includes lemons, peppermint, cayenne, garlic, vinegar, and chili.

Birds are susceptible to bitter ingredients and will try to stay as far away as possible. Therefore, they can be applied on any appropriate surface to keep the birds away. Solutions like vinegar sprays will produce the needed strong odor and are easy to use.

Tip 4:  Use Reflectors

Metals or shiny objects that reflect sunlight are an ideal solution for deterring birds. For instance, displaying metallic pinwheels or shiny mirrors and CDs can create distractions, causing birds to flee.

Tip 5:  Make Landing Grounds Uncomfortable

The most common, reliable, and effective way to make landing zones uncomfortable is to use bird spikes. Whether homemade or purchased, they can easily deter birds from keeping off your outdoor ceiling fan.

Furthermore, they are effortless to install and maintain. When birds try to land on spikes, they immediately feel unsafe and fly off.

Tip 6:  Eliminate All Features That Attract Birds

Always ensure that there is nothing in your outdoor area that attracts birds. For example, birds require fresh water to survive, so eliminating this would be a good idea. If you spot a bird building a nest, try to destroy it using a stick before they complete and inhabit it.

Related Questions:

How Do You Keep Birds Off Your Fan?

Applying ideal deterring methods is the easiest way to keep birds off your fan. These can be accomplished by altering smell, feel, movement and sight, as birds are self-aware of the changes in their environment.

Deterring methods are straightforward to apply since no special skills are required. You only need to use them anywhere near your fan or on popular perching zones. This can be through hanging foils or CDs, applying baking soda, using bird-repelling odor, and attaching spikes.

Do Birds Fly Into Outdoor Ceiling Fans?

Most birds would never fly into an outdoor ceiling fan. It is like an instinctive behavior that alerts them of the danger ahead so they can stay away from it.

However, birds can get frightened for various reasons, causing them to lose focus on where they are flying. As a result, the bird can bump directly into the fan, causing harm and destruction. The only option is to implement ideal solutions before unavoidable accidents occur.

Does Baking Soda Keep Birds Off Outdoor Ceiling Fans?

Baking soda is a popular method that most people use to deter birds. It usually creates a feeling under their toes, so they always try to evade it. If you spot a common perching ground, try to coat the surface with baking soda. 

Alternatively, sprinkle it around with your outdoor ceiling fan or on your patio furniture. When birds try to land on it, they experience a weird feeling that forces them to keep off.

How Do You Stop Birds From Perching?

The most effective way to stop birds from perching is to use baking soda on their landing areas. Birds hate feeling baking soda under their toes, so they try to avoid it by flying away.

You have to sprinkle some baking soda on a specific area to make birds feel uncomfortable wherever they land. Alternatively, you can use a sticky gadget like double-sided tape or a transparent bird gel to prevent them from perching on horizontal surfaces.

Do Mirrors Keep Birds Away From Outdoor Ceiling Fans?

Shiny mirrors can reflect sunlight that confuses birds when they are flying. Mirrors also prevent birds from perching on a specific area since they try to evade the reflection.

Mirrors are an ideal solution for anyone as they are cheap and readily available. Other inexpensive reflectors include foil, old Compact Disks, and more. These devices will help prevent birds from landing in a particular area and keep them off your outdoor space.

Can Birds Cause A Great Damage To Your Outdoor Ceiling Fans?

Birds are incredibly messy and can cause a lot of damage to your outdoor ceiling fan. For instance, a bird can leave droppings on your ceiling, which can later fall on your fan. And since birds are known to possess acidic droppings, this will likely reduce the lifespan of your fan.

With that said, try to understand what type of damage birds can cause before trying to keep them off to receive optimal results.

Final Verdict:

Following the above information will help you permanently handle birds and keep off birds from the outdoor ceiling fan. However, according to the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), it is inhumane to disturb birds and their nests. 

Thus, seek the most friendly way before taking any drastic measures. In addition, you should avoid keeping water or food outdoors since they attract uninvited guests. After the birds are kept away, you can fix any damages they may have done to your fan.

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