How To Hang A Ceiling Fan From A Vaulted Ceiling?

How To Hang A Ceiling Fan From A Vaulted Ceiling

The slope of the vaulted ceiling makes it challenging to hang a fan. One of the biggest challenges is setting the down rods correctly. This can be pretty difficult to do without a proper guide. But I’ll describe how to hang a ceiling fan from a vaulted ceiling in detail.

Hanging a ceiling fan is too easy for professionals. But when it comes to doing it yourself, problems arise. Complex tasks become simple if the correct process is known and applied accordingly. Many beginners make ignorable mistakes that ruin their laborious work.

You can mount the fan on the vaulted ceiling just by paying attention to a few things. I’m going to share those experiences now. Hopefully, you won’t have to search for other articles on this topic. So, keep reading the entire article.

8 Steps To Hang A Ceiling Fan From A Vaulted Ceiling: Beginners Guide

A ceiling fan is a great way to cool your home on uncomfortable summer days. A new electronic controller and an efficient hanging system make it easy to mount the fan. So you can follow the steps below to hang the fan yourself.

Step-1: Needed Tools

It is imperative to have the necessary equipment for any electrical work. This strengthens the security, and the work can be done quickly and accurately. So, collect the following tools:

  • A circuit tester;
  • Drywall saw;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Power screwdriver;
  • Measuring tape;
  • Down rod;
  • A ladder;
  • Eye protection;
  • Urethane-based adhesive; 
  • An electrical pancake box;
  • The assembly of ceiling fans.

Step-2: Switch Off The Circuit

The circuit breaker automatically controls the electrical current. Lighting fixtures get the required power from this circuit. The circuit must be turned off. Check with the circuit tester to see if the power is off. It is best to wear gloves as a precaution.

Step-3: Detach Electrical Box

Then you have to detach the electrical box. So use a ladder to reach the electrical box. You can enlist the help of your friend to hold the ladder properly. Hold the fixture and remove its screws. Then remove the fixture. Take off the ceiling and fixtures’ electrical wiring and hang them there. 

Step-4: Attach The Electric Pancake Box

The electric pancake box should be attached under the ceiling joist. Therefore, draw a circle around the ceiling box. You can do this easily using a pencil. After marking the circle, cut the part with a drywall saw. When cutting, make sure that the electrical wiring is not damaged.

Step-5: Attach The Medallion

Choose a medallion that matches the fan. Use urethane glue to attach the medallion piece. Push the medallion towards the ceiling to keep it in place. Attach the medallion to the top of the pancake box and twist the hanging wires around it. Then secure the medallion with a screw.

Step-6: Set The Ceiling Metal Plate

Set the ceiling metal plate under the pancake box in the middle of a medallion. Fix the screws properly with a screwdriver. The electrical wires must be able to pass through the holes in the plate. Also, ensure that the fan blades do not touch the side of the vaulted ceiling.

Step-7:  Adjust The Down Rod

Use the measuring tape to find out the vertical length of the down rod from the pancake box. Don’t measure from a vaulted ceiling to maintain a safe distance. Rotate the fan by hand to check the safe vertical length of the down rod from this ceiling. After getting the correct measurement, fix the down rod with the screw.

Step-8: Electric Wire Configuration 

Connect the electrical wires between the down rod and the ceiling box. Check the fan manufacturer’s manual to configure the wiring properly. Now check all the screws as well. Now turn on the circuit breaker again. Turn on the fan to see if everything is OK.

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Hanging A Ceiling Fan

The process of hanging a ceiling fan will be safe only if you complete the process correctly. The security risk is often due to insufficient knowledge of the DIY approach. Anyway, to avoid mistakes, keep the following points in mind:

  • Incompatible Down Rods

The size of this down rod directly controls the air supply. The size of the down-rod should be large, but it should be strong. Also, ensure the fan is at least 7–7.5 feet above the floor. In the case of ordinary ceilings, the correct size of the down-rod is a minimum of 9 to 10 inches. The correct size of the down rod, however, should be kept at 12 inches or less for vaulted ceilings.

  • Ceiling Slope Not Measured Properly

Technical skills are essential in fan installation. But due to overconfidence, many people don’t measure the ceiling slope correctly. As a result, it is impossible to determine the exact height. In the case of vaulted ceilings, it is better to mount at 30 degrees. 

This ceiling slope may vary slightly with the model of the fan. For example, Minka Aire and Fanimation fans are better if the slope is more than 45 degrees.

  • Forget To Detach The Old Electrical Box

The fan must be mounted in the appropriate place on the ceiling. The old electric box at that place has to be removed. Turn off the circuit breaker first. Then unscrew the screws using a screwdriver. However, carefully twist the electrical wires.

  • Forget To Install New Fan Boxes And Hanger Brackets

The fan box is used to connect the electric wires properly. The hanger bracket also helps to hold the fixtures tightly. Therefore, new fan boxes and hanger brackets need to be installed. However, be sure to remove the old electric box first.

  • Assembling The Ceiling Fan Improperly Before Hanging

The fan must be properly assembled before being hung from the vaulted ceiling. For this, it is essential to insert the down rod properly. Then the motor and mounting collars must be fixed to the down rod. To complete the work correctly, use a manual book from the manufacturers.

6 Useful Tips for Hanging A Ceiling Fan From A Vaulted Ceiling

Mounting the fan properly requires basic knowledge. Because a small mistake can lead to significant losses, it is best to do this with a professional. However, if you want to do it yourself, follow these tips below.

Tip 1: Follow The Manual

First, read the manual, then start the installation process. Although the fan installation process is not a difficult task, the manual should not be ignored. Each model has the same basic features, but some differences may depend on the size.

Besides, you have to pay a little more attention to the measurements of the vaulted ceiling. So it is crucial to read the manual.

Tip 2: Choosing the Right Size Fan

The size of the vaulted ceiling fan depends on the room. Usually, choose a fan of 52 to 62-inch span blades for the bedroom and living room. For small spaces, you can also use a fan with 42-44-inch blades. Fans with a span of 72 inches are also available on the market.

Tip 3: Use A Remote Control Fan

The technique of controlling the fan with the switch is quite old. Besides, it seems a bit annoying. However, a remote-controlled fan is currently available on the market. So you should think about this before the fan hangs. as if the fan could be easily controlled with the remote control.

Tip 4: Use Good Quality Wire

Wiring should be done with good wire to make the fan last longer. In most cases, 12 and 14-gauge rigid copper wire is usually used. Fourteen gauge wires require 15 amps with 120-volt circuits. On the other hand, 12 gauge wires need a circuit of 20 amps and 120 volts.

Tip 5: Be Conscious Of The Fan Style

The beauty of the room largely depends on the style of the fan. When the fan is off, it looks good for its beauty. So, mount a fan to match the room. Choose a fan with traditional or classic styling features. In addition, modern aesthetic fans with LED lights are now very much in use.

Tip 6: Take Someone’s Help

Installation of the fan can be done by yourself, but it is best to have someone help you. For example, if one is holding the ladder while climbing the ladder, security is strengthened. Additionally, in the event of installing a fan on the ceiling, a tool may be necessary at that time. It will be much easier to finish your work if someone helps you.

Related Questions About Hanging A Fan From A Vaulted Ceiling 

Can You Hang A Fan From A Slanted Ceiling?

Slanted ceilings make hanging a fan a bit more complicated than flat ceilings. But you can still hang the fan on the sloping roof. The ‘ball joint’ instrument is available on the market nowadays, which has made this task easier. Also, suitable fixtures are known to hang the fan on the slanted ceiling.

When hanging the fan, ensure it is 7 feet above the ground. So that no one is in a dangerous situation later.

How Do You Install A Fan On A Vaulted Ceiling?

A down rod is the first thing that needs to install a fan on a vaulted ceiling. Collect the right size of the down rod. Then cut the top like a circle with a drywall saw in place of the fan installation. Now set the down rod with a fan. 

Then attach the downroad to the ceiling joist through the circle. Use a fan box and hanger bracket when connecting. Finally, complete the electric wiring. Remember, the circuit breaker must be turned off before starting work.

How Do You Hang A Ceiling Fan From A Tall Ceiling?

The hanging process of the fan in a tall ceiling is similar to that of an ordinary roof. However, according to the height of your room, collect the down rod. Then set the down rod below the ceiling joist. Circularly cut that part of the ceiling to enter the rod set. Then finish the work by assembling all the fixers. 

The size of the fan and the down rod must be considered if the ceiling is tall. Since there is a soaring ceiling, it is best to hang the most significant size fan. However, choose any fan with 60 to 90-inch blades.

How Long Should A DownRod Be For Vaulted Ceilings?

The size of the down rod depends on the ceiling height. The higher your ceiling height, the larger the size of the down rod. Notice the table below.

Vaulted Ceiling Height (Feet)The Size Of The Downrod (Inches)
10 ft.12-to 18-in.
11 ft.18- to 24-in.
12 ft.36 in.
13 ft.48 in.
14 ft.72 in. 

However, if the ceiling rod is large, its weight is greater. So you have to adjust the down rod well so that the rod is not loose.

Is A Cathedral Ceiling The Same As A Vaulted Ceiling?

The cathedral and vaulted ceiling are not the same due to some features. For example, the cathedral ceiling has two sloping sides joined by a ridge. The slope of the cathedral ceiling is considered the roof slope.

On the other hand, the vaulted ceiling may have a slope on one side, an uneven slope, or a curved slope. In many cases, these ceilings use prefabricated trusses. However, cathedral ceiling construction is relatively simple and safe compared to vaulted ceilings.

Is It Safe To Hang A Ceiling Fan From A Vaulted Ceiling?

Hanging a ceiling fan on a vaulted ceiling isn’t unsafe. Just ensure that the long down rod used in it is set correctly. Also, keep an eye on whether the fan fixtures are adequately connected.

Furthermore, know ​​the correct slope so as not to collide with the ceiling while the fan is on. Moreover, the room with this ceiling looks much more significant, so everything should be measured correctly and the fan should be hung.

Final Verdict:

In this guide, I’ve discussed fan mounting on a vaulted ceiling. As a result, I can confidently say that you now know how to hang a ceiling fan from a vaulted ceiling. Remember that the correct size down rod is adjusted according to the room’s height. 

Also, ensure that the right fan is selected according to the size of the room. The adequacy of air depends on these two things. Since the fan is mounted for long-term use, it should be cleaned and inspected regularly.

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