How To Fix Led Strip Lights When Half Are Out? [Easy Fixes]

How To Fix Led Strip Lights When Half Are Out

Half of the strip goes out when preparing for Christmas or showing a friend the house around. It can be embarrassing and shocking to someone who installed it recently. What to do in this situation? How to get the fix when half of the LED strip lights are out?

There are several methods to tackle the issue. For instance, replacing the affected section or changing the fused bulb. Placing a new wire to the missing one also works in some cases. However, the first step should always be finding the reason behind the issue.

Doing all this may seem complicated and confusing. No worries. That is why I am here to assist you with the fix. Stay tuned with me till the end to know all the ways of the fix, the reasons, and the tips to follow to avoid common LED failure. 

6 Effective Ways To Fix Led Strip Lights When Half Are Out

When a single light bulb is unplugged, it is easily fixable by replacing the burned-out bulb. However, when half of the strip lights are out, finding and replacing each one may take some time. Here are some practical ways to fix the problem: 

Way 1: Replacing The Fused Bulbs

When a series of bulbs are not working, it might be due to a faulty connection between them. Due to these fused bulbs, people often find half of their LED strip lights not working.

To fix this problem, unplug all the lights and remove each bulb from its socket. Continue doing it until finding out the one which is not working correctly. It can be a tiresome process. But when someone gets lucky, they may find the faulty bulb within the first 10 tries.

Now it is time to replace the faulty bulb. Get an aftermarket bulb of the same brand as the LED strips. This way, there will be more chances that the new LEDs will become compatible with the old ones and function smoothly. 

Way 2: Replacing The Broken Wire

It is another common cause for half of the strip lights not working. That is why I am mentioning how to get rid of the issue in the second position. Open up the wiring on the section where any or a series of the lights are not on. Find out the missing or broken wire.

The job is half complete if it is possible to discover the missing or broken wire. Place a new piece of wire there. This fix aims to resume the connection that got interrupted due to a damaged or missing wire. So, it is also possible to get the job done by replacing the faulty wire with a metal piece. 

Way 3: Straightening The Strip

To fix this, straighten the strip using a strap or clamps to pull it back into shape. When the strip is straight again, plug them back into their socket. This method will require some patience and time. But it can save a lot of money in the long run when many strips are faulty, and it is impossible to replace them all.

It may seem like straightening the lights is a funny idea. But it is not. Buying one or two bulbs is one scenario and replacing half of the series is another. As I have already mentioned, it will require a lot of money. Going for the new bulbs or a new strip is fairly okay when money is not the issue. 

Way 4: Fixing Or Replacing The Power Supply

When there is not enough voltage, then this may lead to the led strips not functioning at total capacity. Consequently, the power supply will only provide half of its intended output. In this situation, it is essential to replace the faulty power supply as soon as possible.

Replacing the power supply will help prevent further problems with the lighting system. However, before returning, give the power supply a chance to get it fixed. Show it to an electrician. He might be able to improve the power supply. If not, then go for the replacement.

It is possible to purchase one online or at any nearby electronics store. But make sure that the replacement unit is compatible with the LEDs’ specific type of wiring system. If this is ensured, there will be no issues with compatibility in the future. 

Way 5: Addressing The Short Circuit

When half of the strip is out, there must be a short circuit on the strip itself. To test this, unplug one of the lights from its electrical outlet. Then, touch it to another in the same circuit.

If there is a good connection, it’s likely that the light has the wrong section that needs replacement. If there is no connection, it’s time to check all the outlets and see if any are causing problems.

To fix the short circuit issue, disconnect the defective section of the strip. Then locate the wire touched by another wire after crossing over from one side of the strip to another. At last, reconnect it to its socket. Once the process is completed, test the work by replacing the strip lights with another if necessary. 

Way 6: Replacing The Affected Section Of The Strip

If it is possible to identify which section is causing the problem, it will be straightforward to resolve the issue. Just replace the affected section using an appropriate replacement bulb. It will be enough to tackle the situation.

People don’t consider this fix as they think fixing a part or section may not be able to provide the solution. However, that is not the truth. But that does not mean that I am giving a guarantee that this method will work 100%. 

Reasons Why Half Of The Led Strip Lights Are Out

Seeing half of the LED lights going out is not a pleasing scene. This problem can happen for a lot of reasons. One or more than one of them can cause this issue. The following are the primary seven of them: 

  • Metal Fatigue From Heat

Metal fatigue occurs in metal when it is repeatedly stressed, usually at elevated temperatures or frequencies. The metal will become weakened and eventually fail under stress. The most common places for metal fatigue are on a house’s power distribution board (PDB).

The light bulb’s metal is mainly aluminum and reacts to the LED’s heat. When the metal is heated up, it expands, damaging the connection between the LED and the circuit board. When the LED lights are flickering or out, there is a good chance that it is a case of metal fatigue.

  • Broken Conductor

The LED strip lights flickering or dimming while turning on can indicate a broken conductor within the strips. Broken conductors emerge due to wear and tear over time.

This wear can happen if they come into contact with other conductors or objects on the ground (like trees). In most situations, the conductors will likely become damaged over time due to physical abuse or exposure to heat and moisture. 

  • Circuit Track Or Resistor Failure

A circuit track is a small, metal track that attaches the bulb to the string of lights. The circuit track can become deformed or broken and cause the bulb to fail. When the situation indicates that one or more bulbs are burnt, they likely have loose connections at their circuit tracks.

The presence of a circuit track or resistor failure will not light up the led strip lights. It usually means the resistance of the circuit track or resistor is too high. Due to this, it cannot generate enough current to light up the led strip lights. Replace this track with a new one with lower resistance to fix this issue. 

  • Fused Bulb

When a bulb gets exposed to too much heat, it can permanently deform its filament and prevent it from being able to light up again. LED strips are very sensitive to heat as they have low resistance. Because of the heat buildup from lighting up and going dark over time, LEDs can burn out swiftly.

Bulbs can also get fused due to the overloading circuits with a current drawing through them. When it is possible to identify the fused bulb, please do not waste time replacing it. If not, inspect the dim bulbs one by one to find the culprit. 

  • Bent Strip

Another reason for half of the led strip lights going out is because of a bent strip. If a led strip light has a bent end, it is a good reason for half of the strips to go out.

Fix the bent strip as soon as possible. Take help from the things like clamps to make the fix easy. If the issue is not fixed, there is an excellent chance that the entire strip will be affected too. Why take the opportunity? 

  • Power Supply Overload

Half of the led strip lights can also go out due to power supply overload or overloading. This problem occurs when there are too many devices in a house that use electricity at the same time. It results in excess of the current flow and leads to frequent power cut-offs, especially in this case.

  • Short Circuit

Another common reason why led strip lights go out is due to a short circuit or faulty wiring in a house or office building. It can be caused by any number of issues, including loose connections or damaged wiring.  

A short circuit can also be caused by lightning strikes that strike nearby trees or power lines after lightning hits them. Whatever the reason for a short circuit is, make sure it goes away, and the wiring becomes okay again. 

6 Tips To Avoid Common Led Strip Lights Failure

The benefits of using LEDs are a lot. However, they may cause problems if not installed properly or overlooked on some things. Here are some tips to follow to avoid the common LED strip lights failure- 

Tip 1: Buy High-Quality LEDs

LEDs are bright, but they also burn out very easily. The higher the quality of the LED, the better it will last. To avoid failure, always buy high-quality LEDs. Also, when there is a problem with a particular LED strip, it will be easier to troubleshoot and fix if the part is high-quality. 

Tip 2: Buy High-Quality Wire

The wire is another part that can cause failure in a strip light. It’s important to buy good-quality wires to withstand constant use without breaking down over time. The cables should be smooth and unbroken, with no loose strands or exposed copper inside them.

They aren’t excellent quality if they have loose strands or exposed copper inside! Cheap wires can cause issues such as arcing or overheating the LED strip lights. 

Tip 3: Ensure That The Wiring Is Good

Check for any loose connections, broken wires, or oxidized connections. Change them all and make sure that all the links are good. It will also be essential to use quality materials to prevent any damage from leading to failure. 

Tip 4: Do Not Use Too Much Glue Or Tape

When applying tape or glue on the led strip lights, there are some things that one should avoid doing. For instance, when applying tape or glue on these items, it is essential only to use a small amount of it.

The reason why this is important is that when someone applies too much at once, then it can cause some issues. For example, removing the LEDs in case of a problem will be very difficult. 

Tip 5: Carefully Connect Cables To Prevent Damage

When connecting cables and wires, it is crucial to take care of them, so they won’t get damaged or break easily during installation. When this is someone’s first time, they should take it more seriously.

Also, watch out for sharp edges in the cable that may damage the wires while connecting them with screws, etc. Do it to ensure no damage occurs during the installation process. 

Tip 6: Maintain The Strip Lights Regularly

Try to give the LED strip lights a routine check regularly. Carefully inspect whether there is any faulty or dim bulb in the strip. When a dim bulb shows its presence, remove it and replace it with a new one. This way, the remaining bulbs will function well and be safe from the affected ones.

Related Questions:

Why Do Your LED Lights Stop Working Halfway Through The Same Strip?

There are several reasons why LED lights stop working. Among them, the bulbs are burnt out or may have a loose connection. Other causes can make this happen. For example, a broken conductor, a bent strip, metal fatigue, a short circuit, etc., can be the reason for this issue.

Check to ensure the power is on to the led strip lights. Also, the connection between them is okay. Each light needs to be connected to one end of the strip. When using individual lights, check to ensure they are correctly connected. 

Why Are Half Of Your Led Strip Lights Not Working?

Mostly it is due to one of your bulbs not working correctly. In that case, the affected one needs to be replaced with a new bulb.

Check the affected one by removing all the light bulbs from their fixtures and using a voltmeter to measure their resistance. If there is an open circuit in any of them, they will not be able to provide power to the rest of the strip. 

How Do You Fix Half-Led Lights?

The first thing to do is check the lights’ voltage and ensure they are not too low or too high. If they are too low, there is no other way than to replace the whole strip light.

When the voltage is too high, try changing the bulb. If both options don’t work, replace the entire circuit board. It is possible to do so by removing the old one and replacing it with a new one that provides safety and reliability.

Why Is Only One Side Of Your Led Strip Lights Working?

If only one side of the LED strip lights works, they probably have an internal problem. It can be caused by one of two things. Either they were damaged in shipping, or they were installed incorrectly.

Contact someone at the local post office if they were damaged during shipping. Then report this issue so the lights get fixed as quickly as possible. If they were installed incorrectly, contact someone who is a local electrician so that he can repair or replace them properly. 

Can You Fix The Broken Led Strip Lights?

It requires a little work to fix. First, it will be necessary to determine what’s wrong with the broken led strip lights. Is it simply loose connections, or is there a problem with the light? If it’s merely loose connections, it will be possible to fix the problem by anyone.

However, replacing it is the only way when it’s a problem with the light. Also, ensure it works properly before putting everything back together again. 

How Do You Fix Ripped Led Strip Lights Without Soldering When Half Are Out?

Soldering is not the only way to fix this situation. The fix is possible by addressing a short circuit, replacing the broken conductor, replacing the fused bulb, straightening a bent strip, etc.

So, whenever there is an issue with the LEDs, like half of them are not working, try following the above methods before soldering. It will be a great help as soldering seems a very complex and challenging task to accomplish. 

Final Verdict:

It is awkward when half of the LED strip lights are out. There are several ways to get the issue fixed. However, changing the fused bulb seemed the most convenient way to fix LED strip lights when half are out.

Along with the ways to get the fix, I also tried to mention the reasons, so one can first identify the cause of the issue. In addition, I also gave some tips to help avoid the common failure of the LEDs. 

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