How To Fix A Box Fan? [Simple And Effective Ways] 

How To Fix A Box Fan

Knowing how to fix a box fan is a skill that every handyperson or DIY enthusiast should have. Fans are an excellent way to cool off home during the summer, and they can be used inside and outside of the house while not having air conditioning. 

They’re also not as expensive as more sophisticated cooling devices, but they break more easily (and more often) than those other devices. If you are interested to know how to fix a box fan, here’s what you need to do, which we have added below.

A few simple steps can be taken to restore the fan to its full potential. In this post, we’ll walk through some basics for fixing all kinds of box fans, from opening them up to cleaning them out. And we’ll also talk about what not to do when troubleshooting the fan. 

7 Simple Steps To Fix A Box Fan: A Time-Saving Process

Sometimes it is unclear why the newly bought box fan has stopped or slowed down. It may be a simple fix, but we mostly fail to recognize and throw them out. Here we have mentioned 6 simple steps to fix a box fan effortlessly.

Step-1: Unplug The Fan First

Unplug the box fan first. However, it’s important to note that if you don’t unplug the box fan first and then touch the blades with an iron or screwdriver, the chances of getting a shock are very high.

Moreover, it is also possible to damage other areas of the house or apartment building by damaging anything electrical while repairing a box fan. So always make sure to unplug any electrical device before attempting any repairs.

Step-2: Remove The Grille Of The Fan

To do this, use a screwdriver to remove the grille. When removing it, be careful not to break it as you don’t want sharp pieces flying around the room or house. Most box fans have two screws on either side of the grille that hold it in place, and these can usually be found on the bottom of the fan.

Step-3: Find The Screws 

Find the screws that are holding the rear grille in place. Two plastic pieces hold the rear grille in place. Take it back and forth until you can get those plastic pieces out without breaking them or twisting them up beyond repair.

Now that you’ve removed the screws, they are located. The plastic pieces should come out easily. But if they don’t, then use a flathead screwdriver to pry them off.

Step- 4: Take The 10mm Socket And Wiggle 

Take the 10 mm socket and wiggle it back and forth until you can get those plastic pieces out without breaking them or twisting them up beyond repair. The existing one was a bit dirty because of using it for other repairs. But that’s not a problem because cleaning it later with some WD-40 spray lubricant.

Step- 5: Pull Out The Back Of The Box Fan

After screwing those two bolts, pull out the box fan’s back and set it off to the side. Anyone can locate the electrical wiring, motor, bearings, and fan blades. Here remember to handle gently. Otherwise, the fan will damage and make the fixing bit challenging.

Step- 6: Check Out To fix A Box Fan

If there appears to be some kind of problem mentioned below with either one of these components, it could cause the fan not to work correctly. Perhaps the current issue has nothing to do with either component, but if it does, then this would certainly help identify what exactly is causing the problem.

Step- 7: Fix The Issues 

Here are some usual issues which can be the cause of a box fan’s poor service or stopped working. Now, find out what exactly happened and fix it. It may seem obvious, but ensure to check if the cord is plugged in or not.

Vibrations from a fan motor can dislodge a plug from an older outlet over time. Therefore, ensure to check this first. If the plug slips out, consider replacing the receptacle for a more secure fit. When you hear a humming sound but the fan isn’t turning on, it’s a sign that the fan is receiving power.

If you’ve done everything and still can’t get the fan to function, it’s time to contact the fan manufacturer for assistance. Most high-quality vendors provide customer service to walk through a DIY fan repair and assist in ordering replacement parts. Or, connect with a local service shop to look into more technical issues with components like the run capacitor or motor shaft.

Mistakes Should Avoid When Fixing A Box Fan

Box fans are one of the most popular types of fans. They can be found in homes, offices, and businesses all over the world. A box fan has many parts that need to be fixed without making any mistakes to ensure proper function and safety. Moreover, more precautions need to be followed.

  • Don’t forget to clean up the box fan while fixing it because it may cause many issues, including short circuits or damage. Opening them up to cleaning them out is some of the basics for resolving all kinds of box fans. And which everyone needs to do when trying to fix one.
  • Recheck if the screws are placed precisely. This simple thing can’t help restore the box fan to its full potential. 
  • Do not tighten or loosen the screws when fixing the box fan. This can damage the fan parts.
  • Use the best parts while considering the matter to fix them. That will be the first class fastest component as a new one and will help the fan to last longer.
  • And the important thing that should be followed certainly is safety. When using different types of tools and must be careful about the current.

4 Tips To Fix A Box Fan Without Knowing Advanced Techniques

Sometimes people get anxious being ignorant about tactics for fixing a box fan. Therefore, I include some additional tips that will prove helpful even if you are unfamiliar with advanced techniques.

Tip 1: Check The Power

Does it seem like the box fan is getting louder, or maybe even slowing down? It might be time for some maintenance. Knowing what to look for will ensure that the issue does not occur again. Follow these steps, and you’ll have the box fan up and running in no time!

Tip 2: Replace The Blades

Phillips-head and flat-head screwdrivers (both sizes) are needed to replace blades. Those new blades will be available at local hardware stores. For the first step, everyone will need to remove the old blades. 

Tip 3: Look And Check Overtime

Open the box fan and look for screws to secure the blade assembly. If none is visible, use a flat-head screwdriver to pry open any plastic clips holding it in place. Once removed, separate the motor from the housing unit by removing two more screws (the side with an electrical cord).

Use one of these to hold down each blade while removing its two metal clips using another Phillips head screwdriver or another flat-head screwdriver (depending on what kind of clip holds each blade in place). 

Tip 4: Always Maintain And Change The Kits

No one wants to replace and fix the box fan repeatedly, especially on summer days. But unfortunately, the kits related to the fan get worn out and damaged anytime. In this case, replacing the fan blades, switch, capacitor, coil, and everything related to this needs to be changed.

Related Questions:

How Do You Fix A Box Fan That Just Stopped Working?

Take some essential steps to fix the dysfunctional fan. Check the cord to fix it. The measures may seem simple. First, make sure the cord is securely plugged in. Then carefully check the circuit breaker and check the power of the outlet.

Then replace the cord after checking the fan fuse. Clean the fan and motor grease. Somehow, if anyone has problems applying these methods or the problem is not resolved, call customer support.

How Do You Fix A Box Fan Blade?

In this particular box fan, there are two screws covered by this plastic cover and need to be removed for repair. Now carefully remove the screws in the right place. Then you need to open the back plate of the fan.

Again turn on the box fan. If the blades rotate more slowly than the pins when tested, it is a sign that the fan motor is dying. Change the motor of the fan. However, the motor is good. There may be a lot of dirt in the fan’s blades, which need to be cleaned.

Do You Know If A Box Fan Fuse Is Blown?

It is straightforward to identify if the fuse is blown out or not. But most people do not understand this because they are unfamiliar with it. The typical measurement is to pay attention to the fuse wire or cord. If the wire is burnt out, understand the fuse is stopped working.

Another sign of a worn fuse is smelling bad or burning smell from the cord. Or the fan will run slowly compared to the new one. When these signs are disclosed, change the old one with a new one.

How Do You Fix An Overheated Box Fan?

Overheating can be caused by an electrical overload induced by an excessive voltage supply or by overworking by drawing a more significant current. Heat will be the main byproduct as the motor works harder or under unusual strain, leading to failure.

The most prevalent cause of electric motor failure is low resistance. Then consult an excellent electrician to check if there is a problem due to voltage or unusual load and to solve this problem.

Final verdict:

Finally, whether you have a box fan that doesn’t work correctly but doesn’t smell like it’s burning, there are a couple of things that need to be checked. After knowing those steps about fixing a box fan, make sure the power is off and then give the blades a spin to see if they’re clogged with dust or stuck on something.

Whether not, try pressing down on all four corners of the base where it meets the fan body; this will help with any electrical issues preventing proper airflow through the machine generally.

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