How To Dispose Of A Lava Lamp? [Most Safest Way To Know]

How To Dispose Of A Lava Lamp

Lava lamps have been popular for many years as part of aesthetic decoration, which is still unchanged. But it has a certain lifespan that the lamp may lose usability once it has passed. Throwing a useless lava lamp into the trash is not a good solution as it can emit anti-circumstantial chemicals. Therefore, users must know how to dispose of a lava lamp correctly.

Manufacturers ensure that the chemicals in these lanterns will never explode unless they come in direct contact with fire. After losing its lifespan, the substances inside it also become over-dated. So, leaving it somewhere can create environmental pollution problems. 

Moreover, there are also some risk factors that people should avoid when doing it. Now, a detailed discussion is going to be presented about this in the article. Hopefully, you will know enough about the benefits and the precaution of discarding it.

9 Steps To Dispose Of A Lava Lamp: Easiest And Safest Procedure

Below is a precise process with a few effective steps to help do the job quickly and accurately. Also, some common equipment will be needed, making this task easier. At a glance, preparatory tools used to dispose of the lantern:  

ThingsReasons to use
A lava lampthat needs to be disposed
Newspaperto save the working area
A plastic bagto serve as a trash bag
Rubber bandsto seal the trash bag 
Rubber glovesTo protect hands

Step 1: Ready Up The Working Area

Prepare the space that will be used to work across. Various things can fall from the lamp to the floor, which is difficult to clean. So, spread the newspaper in the working area to protect the place from debris. If you want to apply any alternative, you can use plastic instead of newspaper.

Step 2: Wear Rubber Gloves

Be sure to wear rubber gloves on your hands. Inside the lava light is oil. Moreover, during its extraction, the chemicals can get out and get into the hands, which can interfere with the work. Also, your hand may be cut off by the glass obstructed by rubber gloves.

Step 3: Unplug The Lighting Device

Be sure to unplug the lantern before proceeding to the primary step. Working with an unplugged lighting device is always safe. There is a danger of disassembling it while in contact with electricity. Also, when plugged in, it can start a fire.

Step 4: Make The Lamp Dismount

Now it’s time to disassemble the lantern. You should remember that there are substances in it that mix easily with air. To do this, turn off all the fans in the vicinity. Now open the top of the bowl with the screwdriver. Then the wax inside should be melted.

Step 5: Melt The Wax And Remove

Turn the lantern upside down and let it light for a few minutes, so the wax melts. Pour the melting wax into the dustpan. When doing this, one must be careful not to spray it on the face. Since you have to get the paper, it will not harm the working area.

Step 6: Clean It

After removing all the wax inside the lantern, it should be removed using a paper towel. Once deleted, it should be thrown in the bin. Finally, wipe the inside with a damp paper towel to ensure it is entirely secure.

Step 7: Eliminate All Debris

Attach the other debris to the wax in a plastic bag. Remember, it is crucial to close the mouth of the bag permanently so that no material comes out of it. Now, throw these items out of everyone’s sight.

Step 8: Send The Lamp To A Recycling Plant

When all the debris has been disposed of, you can give the lighting device to a nearby plant where it can be finally disposed of. As well as being disposable, it can be a means of conducting research, where experiments are conducted on its ingredients.

Step 9: Wash Your Hands

After removing all debris and sending the device to the recycling plant, the procedure is over. Now remove the place where you were working to spread the paper. After all, take off gloves and wash both hands thoroughly.

Precautions Before Disposing Of A Lava Lamp: Safety Concerns

There are some precautions to be taken when discarding lanterns. But many are unaware of the facts that it is significant to be careful with. However, here are some precautions to properly deal with this lighting device.

  • Make Sure The Lamp Is Cool

Before disposing of this decorative lantern, one should ensure it is completely cool. It can cause blisters on the hands as it is scorching when burning. Because the cover is made of glass, the watch retains excessive heat, which can cause the rubber gloves to melt. Therefore, first of all, take it cold.

  • Wear Protective Cloth

The objects emitted from the lantern should not be allowed to come in contact with the skin as it causes discomfort to the skin. Therefore, it is important to take maximum safety measures before starting the disposing process, and it is mandatory to wear a safety cloth that will cover the skin.

  • Use Goggles For Eye Safety

It is not certain that any part of the lantern will not enter the eye when mixed with air while moving. So the goggles must be used to ensure complete eye protection. If it still comes in contact with the eyes, rinse with water for about 15 minutes and consult a doctor.

  • Keep The Fan And AC Turned Off

Be sure to turn off all fans and ACs in preparation for the area where you want to work. Harmful substances can mix with the air and enter other rooms, which is dangerous for family members. Also, prohibit anyone from entering the area in advance.

  • Keep A Trash Bag Ready

A trash bag carries all the harmful debris. Even when the wax is taken out, it still burns and needs to be immediately transferred to the trash bag. In this case, keep the bag open beforehand. Otherwise, molten wax may fall on the hands or work area.

5 Reasons Why You Should Dispose Of A Lava Lamp Immediately:

For some reason, a lava lantern demands immediate disposal. There is a great need to know the causes because people may face some unpleasant situations without doing it urgently.

1. When The Lamp Is Broken

When the glass cover of the lantern is broken, it should be disposed of quickly. In most cases, the broken part is impossible to repair and expensive. Also, despite being repaired, it often does not return to its previous state. Therefore, speedy removal is the only solution.

2. When It Passes The Lifetime

This lantern has an indefinite lifetime which should be removed immediately. A lava lighting device typically can last an average of 2000 hours. If it seems useless, throw it in the trash as soon as possible, don’t leave it unattended.

3. For Problematic Inner Wire

Users must be aware that there are some wires inside. Since it runs with electricity, try to repair them or replace them with another lantern if there is any cable problem. Do not use it with faulty wires in any way.

4. If It Stops Working

Over time the wax may get stuck in the lamp, or the outer shield may burst. It stops working, but it is hard to repair. Also, leaving it in the sun or a hot place is unsafe. Therefore, get rid of it as soon as possible.

5. If The Shell Gets Leaked

A leaked lantern should not be used the second time. When the leakage is noticeable, you need to dispose of it immediately because it is not easy to repair. In addition, it can still be dangerous to use. Therefore, think of replacing it with a new one.

5 Benefits Of Disposing Of A Lava Lamp:

The benefits of discarding a lava lighting device will encourage people to do it faster. Then find out below what are the benefits of extracting it. It is better to share these conveniences with other users.

1. Helps To Avoid Accidents

The main advantage of this lantern removal is that it can avoid any unexpected happenings. A faulty or broken lantern can cause an accident. Users may face awkward situations such as amputation or injury.

2. Saves Replacement Cost

The budget for replacing the lanterns is not tiny. However, drainage can increase its durability, saving the replacement cost. As a result of regular maintenance, it is reusable for a few more days and does not require immediate relief.

3. Environment Remains Pollution-Free

In a letter published in Yukon News, it is said that just throwing a useless lava lamp is a threat to the environment. Therefore, when a discarded lantern is left anywhere, it emits pollutants. One of the benefits of disposing of it is that it does not allow the environment to be easily polluted. At the right time, the atmosphere is risk-free as the harmful ingredients are removed and packed in bags.

4. The Lamp Works Smoothly

At one stage of its use, an error occurs, which causes the wax to rise to the very top of the lantern. It causes the lantern to get stuck and stop working. As a result of the extraction, the wax is melted out, so there is no possibility of wax sticking anywhere.

5. Can Be Used For Other Decoration

If the glass part of the lantern is not brittle, it may become suitable for other work after extraction. When it is almost useless, you can clean the glass and decide to use it for other purposes. It can be a particular part of the garden decor.

Downsides Of Disposing Of A Lava Lamp: Risk Factors

According to The LavaLAMP™ DNA Component Kit of Lucigen, it is essential to remember all the risk factors when disposing of a lava lantern and safely do this. Otherwise, there is a possibility of unintended danger.

  • Without cooling the lantern in a hurry, people start the process of disposal, which is a considerable risk. 
  • One of the negative aspects of lantern discarding is that anyone can be injured by its broken part.
  • These lanterns should never be in contact with fire. When you have no previous experience in discarding lanterns, there is a high possibility of making this mistake.
  • During disposal, it can ignite as soon as it comes in contact with any combustible substance.
  • The liquids inside the lamp may spill out accidentally. If there is no paper or plastic on the floor, it is harmful to the surface.
  • When dealing with lantern chemicals, the open eyes and skin can cause temporary problems.

Related Questions Of Disposing Of A Lava Lamp:

How Do You Throw A Lava Lamp?

To throw the lava lamp, you must be sure at first that it is dead and there is no chemical inside. Unplug the lantern cool, and let it cool. Then remove the top cap. Let the wax melt and throw it in the dust bag prepared next to it. Also, keep all the debris inside the bag with the discarded wax. 

Be sure to wear gloves, a face mask, goggles, and safety cloth before doing these. If the bulb is dead and the shield is broken, throw it in the outer trash. At the same time, close the garbage bag’s mouth well and throw it in the dustbin.

Is The Stuff Inside Lava Lamps Toxic?

According to researchers, most things inside the lava lamp are not toxic. These usually include wax, kerosene, mineral oil, carbon tetrachloride, sodium chloride, and polyethylene glycol. Almost all of these are non-toxic. However, polyethylene glycol can sometimes cause problems.

Although these ingredients are not seemingly toxic, they should never go into the mouth. Moreover, high heat or sun exposure can cause them to become destructive. But initially, there is nothing to worry about.

How Long Can You Leave Your Lava Lamp On?

A lava lamp should not be allowed to burn for more than 8 to 10 hours, as this may cause further loss of capacity. Besides, its lifespan is shortened by overheating whether it burns beyond a specific period. Therefore, considering its safety and power saving, it should be kept from running for a long time.

Any party usually starts in the evening and often continues throughout the night. 10 hours is enough to keep it running, but it is not advisable to leave it overnight. For long-term use, its burning time should be limited.

How Do You Dispose Of Lava Lamps Liquids?

First, open the top cap to dispose of the lava lamp liquids. In addition, have a jar ready to hold the fluids inside the lantern. After opening the cap, turn it upside down and pour all the liquids into the pot. The remaining liquid without wax will be removed. Since the wax does not melt, heat must be applied to get it out.

Then carefully heat the bottom of the pot so that all the wax melts, then put it in the direct trash bag. Remember, wax should not be heated with other stuff. Because it can come in contact with fire and cause an explosion.

Are Old Lava Lamps Toxic?

Older lava lamps are not toxic as long as people follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Moreover, the ingredients in it are not directly harmful to people. So as long as the lantern is usable, there is no reason to worry about it. Just clean it occasionally, and the duration of use increases even more.

Although lanterns are not poisonous, their ingredients should not be left open when it is disposed of. The chemicals inside can mix with nature to create unhealthy conditions that many people do not understand.

What Happens If You Shake A Lava Lamp?

When you shake a lava lamp, the revolving lava splits into smaller pieces. Besides, the inside of the lantern becomes cloudy because the lava is no longer whole. Therefore, it is advisable not to move the lamp while burning.

When someone does it unknowingly, the lantern should be turned off immediately and fixed in one place. Leave it under this condition for 24 hours to recombine the broken lava. Turn it on after the specified time and run without any movement. Hopefully, it will look the same as before.

Final Verdict:

Throwing a lava lamp after losing usability is not the end. When it is left without emptying, there will be different environmental risks. People must discard the inner ingredients. Hopefully, now the way is known to dispose of a lava lamp for safety and increase its lifespan.

Therefore, throw the debris into the trash with protection and place the discarded glass shield in a recycling plant. Perhaps, all the factors presented in this article are enough to make a good deal with such a lighting device.

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