How To Dim Lamp Shade? [Time-Saving Solutions]

How To Dim Lamp Shade

A shaded lamp provides adequate controlled lighting for reading or other work., but the shade needs to be dimmed to maintain flexibility in some situations. So, When someone tries to deal with the brightness level, one must look for the best way to dim the lamp shade.

People want to enjoy the intimate environment in low light for a specific time. Usually, thin lampshades do not allow the light to dim. Therefore, by replacing it, one may go for a costly option. But why spend extra when there are different ways to obscure the light shade? Some dimmers work great to make the shield darker.

The primary purpose of this article is to show the most effective ways to obscure dim lights. The benefits of using a more shaded and some considerable things will be discussed. Additionally, people will get clear answers to the questions.

6 Proven Ways To Dim Lamp Shade Quickly: DIYer’s Choice

Some feasible and easy ways to eliminate too bright a light for a peaceful sleep or rest. Many of these methods have been tested, and users have expressed their satisfaction. Therefore, find out below about the best methods to make the cover obscure: 

Way 1: Installing Dimmer Switch

A dimmer switch is one of the most popular options for reducing the shade level of light. See below how to install and use a regulator switch:

Step 1: Choose the place to place a regulator switch according to your choice. 

Step 2: Turn off the main power switch.

Step 3: Open nut 2 of the switch that needs to be replaced with a screwdriver.

Step 4: Take out the plate inside it with the switch and make sure it is still free of electricity.

Step 5: Disconnect the plate from the on-off wire. Then prepare the new one for the dimmer switch.

Step 6: Now connect the new cable and attach the switch.

Step 7: Power on and check if it obscures the light.

Way 2: Setting Wallpaper On The Lampshade

The idea of ​​setting wallpapers on light shades is quite popular. Remember that a newspaper must be used under the light when using a fainting solution.

Step 1: First, keep a measurement of the lampshade.

Step 2: Cut the wallpaper, so it does not become more minor or significant than the shield.

Step 3: Add some glue to the surface of the vail paper and apply it to the cover.

Step 4: After covering all the shades, run your hands over them so there are no bubbles.

Step 5: Wait at least 8 hours to use the lamp. This will dry the flour thoroughly.

Step 6: After waiting a night, you can enjoy the fuzzy light.

Way 3: Painting On The Shade

Painting works great to make a dimmed brightness level. There are some definite steps for this. One must follow these to obscure the light shadow. Find out what those steps are:

Step 1: Separate the lantern cover from the stand and place them on a newspaper.

Step 2: Prepare a spray can of fabric paint and shake it well.

Step 3: Now start spraying on and around the shed.

Step 4: Adjust the spray so that each area is covered with fabric paint.

Step 5: Do not test it by hand after the first coat as it takes at least 2/3 hours to dry.

Step 6: After drying, notice in case the shade has achieved the desired darkness.

Step 7: If you do not get the desired color, apply a second coat and wait at least one night.

Way 4: Using Stickers

Some stickers are specially designed to faint the lamp shield. These usually come with transparent features. Moreover, you can choose these according to the size of the cover. Therefore, use the stickers with the following steps:

Step 1: Measure the size of the shade.

Step 2: For multiple lanterns, purchase a package of stickers.

Step 3: Now pick the correct sticker according to the size of the shade.

Step 4: Remove the coating from the bottom of the sticker and remove the adhesive surface.

Step 5: Start planting it from either side, keeping the edges of the shed even.

Step 6: Cover the entire space and lightly massage the surface of the sticker by hand 1/2 time.

Way 5: Applying Snowed Scotch Tape

This method is used by many, although considered to be relatively less effective than others. Frosted scotch tape can fade shields a bit. However, knowing the way and steps, it dims the standby lantern:

Step 1: Buy scotch tape of maximum width. It will take less time to cover the shade.

Step 2: Measure from the bottom to the top of the shed according to its width.

Step 3: Start planting it from the bottom of the shed according to the loan.

Step 4: Round and finish once applied.

Step 5: Apply the tape the same way, go up, and cover the whole shed.

Way 6: Coloring With Permanent Markers

Permanent markers work well to make any bright bulb fuzzy. You can paint the lantern shield with blue or black markers. Although it allows getting some light even after coloring, it still comforts the eyes. Learn how to create faint shadows with a marker:

Step 1: Use the marker on one side of the lamp.

Step 2: Cover most of the shield with it.

Step 3: Once it finishes covering most of the space then stop the process.

Step 4: If you still get unbearable light, cover the rest of the place with a marker.

Step 5: Hopefully, now getting a tolerable brightness is easy.

Benefits Of Dimming Lamp Shade: Why Choose A Dim Lampshade?

The primary reason for fading the lantern shade is usually known. But, several important reasons people typically decide to obscure the lamp cover. These are also considered as its advantages. So, know the benefits of lantern cover fainting.

  • Helps In Soothing Rest:

Everyone loves a low-light space at rest. So, anyone can enjoy this benefit by fading the lantern shade. With more brightness, one can stay awake till midnight. Most light cannot come out when the bulb is shielded with paint or wallpaper. Again the place is not entirely dark.

Generally, there is no better alternative than obscuring bulb shields to bring the environment people need for good sleep or rest. It can also create a cozy atmosphere in personal spaces.

  • Boosts Eye Comfort: 

The same brightness of the lantern is not always required. Even your eyes sometimes feel tired in bright light. In this case, darkening the lantern shade can benefit the eyes. Frosted tape can make a blurry light.

It does not allow whole light to come out but gives a comfortable glimpse for the eyes. Also, with the marker, the brightness can conveniently be reduced. 

  • Dimming Saves Energy:

Installing a dimmer switch is a fancy way to obscure the lamp cover. The advantage of this is that it saves lots of energy. Since the option to conceal and brighten the lights is in the same place, you can reduce or increase the lantern’s brightness as needed. Fainting the lights using the switch consumes much less energy.

Considering these benefits, many people nowadays use this method in modern homes. Moreover, it does not permanently faint the lantern shield. Therefore, how much brightness should be reduced is entirely up to you.

  • Adds Atmosphere:

Obscured lampshades can create a solemn and enjoyable atmosphere. There is no need to buy another lantern if you want to enjoy the environment with a flickering glim. There are many things to put on over the cover that can obscure it in seconds.

Therefore, the existing lantern can fulfill your desire. Cover the shed with wallpaper. The extreme brightness will be pressed under it to get the desired shadow level. The sticker also makes the candle shield a bit darker.

  • Increases The Lifespan Of Light:

When using a dimmer switch to faint the lantern shade, ensure that the path to the light is extended. It works on controlling the level of brightness without actually doing anything on the shield of the bulb. Turning the switch on and off causes the glimpse to reach a higher point.

It can be kept on at a point that does not allow the bulb’s energy to decay. This increases the lifespan of the bulb. This information will surely make one happy that the lantern can be used for 3/4 more years.

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Dim For Lamp Shade:

There are several things to remember when choosing the right lamp screen. Now some valuable tips are going to be shared. Hopefully, these will help one in selecting the right fainting option.

Tip 1: Choose The Best Type Of Light 

Be sure to consider the bulb type to choose the right obscuring element. Some bulbs naturally come with low brightness, so it does not require a dark solution. On the other hand, in the case of more bright bulbs, users must go for alternatives like fabric paint.

Tip 2: Amount Of Light Filter

It needs to determine the amount of brightness wanted to filter before choosing the dimmer. A transparent sticker or frosted scotch tape is enough to filter less bright levels. But if you want to filter more spark, users must go for alternatives like paint or wallpaper.

Tip 3: Compatibility With Different Lanterns

Choose a fainting solution that is compatible with many lanterns. In this case, people put plug-in dimmers on their preferred list because it is suitable for more used bulbs. These are mainly used for CFL, incandescent, and LED bulb lamps.

Tip 4: The Lampshade Elements

The best solution for the glass shade is frosting spray. It contains acetous ingredients which can easily stain the glass. Still, never use it for plastic covers. In this case, choose fabric spray.

Tip 5: Wattage Rating

Choose a solution that matches the wattage of the bulb or lantern. At the same time to control ten lights of 75-watt, one must select a dimmer of 750 watts or higher. It will reduce the brightness properly.

Related Questions Of Dimming Lamp Shade:

What Can You Put Over A Lamp To Dim It?

A few things can be used to obscure the lamp. Wallpaper, frosted tape, and transparent stickers are some of them. Wallpaper works great for filtering out too much brightness. This maximizes the shade and can create a cozy atmosphere.

The snowed tape is a better solution for those who want to filter out a little illumination because it retains relatively low brightness. Also, transparent stickers come in different sizes that can be used on any lantern cover. However, it can also filter less brightly, like frosted scotch tape.

Is It Safe To Put Paper Over An LED Bulb?

Due to the paper’s resistance to airflow, placing it on an LED bulb is considered unsafe. Usually, the driver circuit of the LED bulb or lamp gets too hot. So, it needs to have enough airflow. Covering the screen with paper makes it faint. The heat is naturally trapped inside.

Excessive heat reduces the life of bulb components due to heat retention and airflow obstruction. That is why placing paper on LED bulbs is never supported. Instead, you can use fabric paint spray or markers that allow the bulb to fade without obstructing the airflow.

Can You Put A Shirt Over The Lamp?

Clothing shouldn’t be worn over the lamp since it can cause fires. Primarily when you are covering a halogen light with a cloth, there is a risk of a fire in the fabric from getting hot. Not only halogen lanterns but others can also provide extreme brightness levels that may have similar phenomena.

Using a shirt or cloth to cover the high-powered bulbs is riskier than using paper. Paper not only destroys the components inside the bulb, but the fabric retains more heat inside and creates extra heat. As a result, there is a possibility of damage due to fire.

How Do You Dim Light Without A Dimmer?

Apart from dimmer, there are some easy ways to obscure the light, and one of them is using the smartphone app. These usually come as an alternative to the old dimmer switch. Download an app on the phone to faint the Wifi LED bulb shield. 

With this, you can increase and decrease the lantern’s brightness while lying down and sitting. Although traditional fainting alternatives are usually used for traditional lanterns, now it can be done easily with remote control or a smartphone app.

How Do You Make A Lampshade Dim?

Several effective ways to dim the lampshade need to apply considering the type of light. The best way to cover the screen is to use paint or wallpaper. With it, you can get some comfortable and restrained brightness. The glint from the lanterns usually spreads brightly in many areas around it.

You can also install a dimming switch. The phone app is enough for wifi lamps. Remember, never use a cloth to obscure the lantern shield or cover the bulb with paper. This can generate too much heat and damage the inner parts.

How Do You Make A Lamp Shade Opaque?

A recommended way to make a lampshade opaque is to frost it. Usually, plastic light covers cannot be frosted directly, but it is better to use frosted tape. However, when a glass cover needs to be faint, you should use a frosting spray. This is because it has an acidic ingredient that makes the glass opaque.

Apply the spray all over the glass shed. It will bring a different style as soon as it becomes cloudy. Remember, frosting spray should not be used to dilute plastic sheds as it contains acidic ingredients. So instead of blurring, it can ruin the shed. Use tape or sticker as an alternative.

Can You Put A Dimmer On A Lamp To Reduce Brightness?

A dimmer can be put on the lamp to decrease its brightness. There is a separate switch with any modern or traditional lantern where people can install a dimmer switch. In most cases, the lantern is placed next to the bed.

Older model lantern shadows do not have a remote controlling system or a way to control the glimpse with a phone app. In this case, it is better to have a dimmer directly in the candle.

Final Verdict: 

The bright light of shaded lamps often takes away the people’s comfort. However, now it is known how to dim lampshade. The ways to obscure the lantern shade mentioned in the article are proven, safe, and always recommended.

In addition, the information needed to know how to darken the lantern cover is also mentioned here. Hopefully, one will be able to apply the correct method according to the lamp type.

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