How To Connect Multiple Led Strip Lights To One Remote?

How To Connect Multiple Led Strip Lights To One Remote

Led strip lights have separate remotes to control them. But sometimes, using different controllers seems frustrating to the users. As a result, most LED light strip users are syncing them with a single remote controller. This article will show you how to connect multiple led strip lights to one remote.

Multiple led strip lights are modern accessories to decorate the room and give a distinctive look to the area. Surprisingly, the user can combine the connectors effortlessly to a single remote controller by following simple steps. Anyone with the proper equipment can do this job without calling a professional mechanic.

However, in this article, I will share my experience of connecting my multiple led strip lights to a single controller. Be with the article and learn the simplest ways.

6 Easy Steps To Connect Multiple Led Strip Lights To One Remote

Connecting multiple led strip lights to one remote is not a hard nut to crack. But sometimes, it can fail if you don’t follow the appropriate methods. Here is a step-by-step guide to completing the job quickly and safely.

Step 1: Get The Required Instruments 

Syncing the strip lights to a single remote controller requires some unique materials. They are affordable and available in every hardware shop. But before buying any of those electrical instruments, test them correctly. This combing process requires the following equipment.

  • Led strip lights;
  • Remote controller;
  • Wire cutter;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Power cords;
  • Outlet adaptor;
  • A multi-meter;
  • A repeater kit.

Some of the instruments mentioned earlier are additional support to the whole process. Read the product’s user manual and gather if it requires any particular tool.

Step 2: Plug In The Cords

There are two types of remote controllers for operating the led strip lights. Both are applicable. The first kind comes with a single zone control panel, whereas the second one has multiple zones to connect the cords. For various zones, connect each strip light to the device with the extension cord from the bottom part of it.

For a single zone control panel, first of all, connect a multiple zone controller with it. Then attach each power cord of the led strip lights to the external ports of the panel. Repeat the same process for each strip light. The second remote controller will connect them, particularly to the power cord of the single controller.

Step 3: Sync With The Remote

After attaching the power cord of the led strip light with the remote, sync the connection to control the color of the light. There are two methods of syncing the light with the controller. Firstly, if the controller has a panel of numbers, each number will indicate the light’s respective colors.

But if the control panel does not have any number plate, it will work with a manual process. In this case, regulate the LED strip light’s colors by rotating the controller’s regulator. Always focus on the blinking of the light. Once the light blinks on an adequate color, the synchronization is complete. 

Step 4: Combine The Lights Now

Combining the lights means syncing their power with the remote. In most controllers, there is a particular button named ‘sync’. Just press the button if this specific facility is available to the remote. But when the device does not have this button, manually set the synchronization process.

Start the device with a set of fully powered batteries. Turn all the lights on by pressing the ‘switch on’ button. Check if all the bulbs are lit or not. If all of them are not lit, check the joints and the power cord and reinstall them. Try to use the individual switches to turn them on if the first method does not work.

Step 5: Adjust The Performance

At this step, adjust the power controller by rotating the switch on the remote. Ensure the connectivity of the device. Keep it straight, and don’t cover the infrared bulb of the device. Press the brightening switch and set the desired brightness by moving the button upwards or downwards. 

Follow the same process to adjust the color and mode of the led strip light. Some specific remotes have preset modes also. If it seems complicated to change them manually, try the preset modes one by one and select the most suitable model for the room. After that, fix the hue or saturation of the bulb.

Step 6: Test The Whole Connection

After adjusting everything, it’s time to test the connection of the remote. First, turn off all the bulbs of the led strip light for at least 5 minutes. Then turn them on again. Check whether each bulb is working or not. If a group of bulbs is not working, try disconnecting them from the port and installing them again.

Try to test the connection from every corner of the room. Maintain the maximum distance from the Led tape and check the performance of the remote. If anything wrong happens, repeat the whole process from the first step. Sometimes, the remote has some internal faults. In this case, change the remote and test it again.

Things You Should Do To Connect Multiple Led Strip Lights To A Remote

Always outline a plan before connecting multiple LED strip lights to one remote. A single mistake can create huge problems later. So be careful. Following the steps mentioned earlier will make the process easier, but you must follow the instructions below.

  • Take Proper Precautions 

First thing first, always remember to take proper precautions before working with electrical tools. Check the grounding system of the led strip light on the switch box attached to the wall. Never touch any wire without wearing insulator shoes. Put on transparent goggles and hand gloves to prevent unwanted sparkles and fire.

  • Check The Led Strip Lights

Before buying the led strip light, check them properly in the hardware store first. Sometimes there are defects in the joint of the bulbs with the tape. Only a professional mechanic can repair this type of defect. Don’t waste valuable time connecting a defective led tape. Better check them first.

  • Test The Remote Controller 

The same theory goes with an electric remote controller also. Sometimes, the infrared bulb does not work accurately due to an unstable connection in the device. In this case, changing the batteries will never solve the problem. So, check the device in the shop first, then bring it home. Don’t break the cover anyway.

  • Be Careful With The Wire.

Never keep any wire exposed after connecting multiple led strip lights to the remote. Any exposed wire can create sparks and result in an unexpected fire in the house. Try to use wire adhesives to wrap them up. But never use an excessive amount of adhesive. A scotch tape is also an excellent alternative to glue.

  • Use Newer Batteries 

Always use newer batteries in the port of the remote controller while connecting it for the first time. Older batteries cannot supply an adequate amount of energy to the device to spread the infrared ray to the connector of the led strip lights. Follow the user manual and buy a set of batteries with recommended energy.

6 Tips To Control Multiple Led Strip Lights With A Single Remote

Anyone can control multiple led strip lights with a single remote by pressing or rotating certain buttons or switches. But the following tips will make the process more comfortable and practical. So don’t skip them. Follow the directions to utilize the time and money at a maximum rate.

Tip 1: Use A Multi-Zone Connector

A multi-zone connector is a device that connects several wires at a time. As a result, you don’t need to join the strips separately to the port. Using this device will reduce the workload in a significant way. This multi-zone connector allows the user to plug the power cord easily into the port. 

Tip 2: Apply Adhesives To The Joint

The remote controller for a combined multiple led strip light is not a big device. Hence, it does not have a massive space in its inner part. That is why using scotch tape is a burden for the device to hold. So try to apply an excellent adhesive to attach the wires inside the remote controller. Applying sealants will reduce the cost.

Tip 3: Connect One Wire At A Time

Try to connect a single wire first. Then repeat the process with other cables. Following this method will ensure the ultimate safety of the whole system. This process will also reduce the risk of causing sparks and damage to the bulbs. Losing single wires takes less time than linking all the cables.

Tip 4: Use An Outlet Adaptor

An outlet adaptor reduces the workload by connecting to the led strip lights properly. This tiny device lets the user click the specific wire to the recommended port. Thus, you don’t need to search for the perfect zone by testing one by one. Just install the adaptor, and follow the signals to attach accordingly.

Tip 5: Work With A Multimeter 

Always try to work with a multimeter while connecting multiple led strip lights to one remote because this electrical tool detects the required light voltage. It can also figure out the installing voltages for each of the tapes. This device will save time and make the process easier and less frustrating. 

Tip 6: Check With A Repeater Kit

Try to install a repeater kit. After completing the connection, check the whole system with this kit. This kit is a perfect device to troubleshoot the system if there is any defect in the process. The automatic equipment detects the specific problem and lets the user know where to fix it. Thus, it reduces the working time.

Related Questions:

How To Sync Multiple Led Lights To A Single Remote?

The remote controller has an indicator panel on its body. This indicator panel possesses a regulator or different switches. Switch on the device and turn all the led strip lights. If the indicator panel works with a regulator, then rotate the regulator to determine the lighting. If it works, then the synchronization process is complete.

On the other hand, when the remote controller does not have any regulator, flip the switches up and down. Mark the area where it works properly. The whole process of synchronizing the lights to a single controller may vary from device to device. So, try to read the user manual first to sync them correctly.

How To Unsync Multiple Led Light Strips With A Single Remote?

There are several ways to unsync multiple led strips attached to one remote. One way is using an electrical switch connected directly to the remote control unit. In this case, firstly, figure out the code of the device. Then use another remote to Unsync the connection between the light and the synchronized remote. 

Another way to unsync the devices is by using a single remote control unit with multiple switches. The controller must be the specific one for each group of led lights. Turn that particular remote on and Unsync the devices by using the code. 

How To Hook Up Multiple Led Strip Lights?

Connect the wires of each strip light to the power source and then attach the other end of the wire to the standard ground pin on the remote control. Use an extra receiver at this point, This is probably the easiest way to do it, but it does require some extra work. 

Once you have them all connected, program a remote with one receiver for each strip and then use that remote to control them all at once. Find the right length of an extension cord. Next, attach each plug to a power strip and turn on all the lights at once. After that, sync them properly.

How To Control Two Led Lights With A Remote?

First, sync the remote controller with both receivers of the led lights. Then turn on the device and insert the power cord of the remote into that channel. It only requires a screwdriver to open the cover over the device. After that, open the face of the power cable. Attach it with the help of a perfect adhesive. 

But this is possible only when both the led lights have a multi-channel receiver. The multi-channel receiver allows the user to attach the power cord of multiple devices. So, if no receiver is supplied with the tape, buy a portable one and install it on the device. 

Can You Connect Multiple Led Strip Lights?

Connecting multiple LED Strip Lights to one remote is possible. There is no need for any additional tools or equipment for this project. The first thing to do is cut the wire from the Led Strip Light and strip it down. Then place it in the center of the wire strippers by connecting them with an alligator clip. 

Use the multimeter on each end of the light and check which wire is connected to which terminal. Then solder these two wires together using some solder wire. After that, attach the twisted wires around each other, so they don’t come apart while fusing them.

How Many Led Lights Can You Connect?

You can connect up to 12 LED strips, but this will depend on the electrical system and the length of each strip. If you have an older home with a 20 amp circuit breaker, use only 10 LED strips.

Each strip will be rated at 3 watts. Do not use any strip that is more than 3 watts. This can burn the circuit and cause a fire.

Final Verdict:

It is pretty simple to connect multiple led strip lights to one remote. You don’t need any heavy-weight machines or mechanical technology to do this. Just follow the methods I shared earlier. Keep some basic things while doing the job. Besides, the specified tips will make the process even more comfortable and fruitful. 

By the way, never forget to wear protective gear and be careful while working with electricity. I hope the information in this article was helpful. Thanks for reading with patience.

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