How To Change LED Strip Lights Without Remote?[3 Easy Ways]

How To Change LED Strip Lights without remote

Remotes are essential when it comes to operating the strip lights. There are quite a few functions that cannot be accessed on these lights if you do not have the remote. But there are ways to change LED strip lights without a remote. 

When I lost the remote to my LED lights, I was in a dilemma about how to operate these lights. So, I decided to dive deep into the area to find the solution to my problem. And I successfully found ways and methods to change the strips without the help of remote control.

If you are in the same dilemma I was in, let me help out with the solutions. Stay with me till the end of this guide, and we will discuss the methods along with several relevant factors.

3 Effective Ways To Change LED Strip Lights Without Remote With Steps

Even though changing the ribbon lights without a remote control is not ideal, there are quite a few ways of doing so. Here, we will discuss the methods to change LED strip lights easily without a remote, along with the steps.

Way 1: Rely On A Power Supply Adapter

If you do not have access to the remote or lost the remote, relying on a power supply adapter is an excellent way of using the lights. To do so, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Remove The Receiver From The LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights with a remote control typically come with an integrated receiver. The purpose of this receiver is to receive signals from the remote and operate the lights accordingly. The first step in connecting to the power supply adapter is to remove the receiver.

Step 2: Connect The LED Strip Lights To The Adapter

After removing the receiver connected to the ribbon, it is time to join the lights to the power supply adapter. The reason behind using this adapter is to make sure that it works with the correct voltage.

Step 3: Plug The Adapter Into Your Power Source

The next step is to plug the adapter into the power source. It allows you to turn on the lights. The lights will stay on until the switch is turned off or the strips are removed from the adapter connected to the power source.

However, the problem with this method is that the LED strip lights will have to be manually turned on and turned off every time you want to use them.

Way 2: Set Up A Smartphone App

One of the best ways of changing ribbon lights without a remote is to use a smartphone app. Turn your phone into a remote for the ribbon lights within a few steps.

Step 1: Find The Smartphone App

The first step in this method is finding the smartphone app compatible with the lights. These lights are available in different models and styles; thus, one app will not work with each type. Search on the internet with the model to find a suitable app.

Step 2: Download And Set Up The Application

After finding the smartphone app, download it on your phone and set it up to connect with the light strips in the room. After the application has established a successful connection with your smartphone, the lights can be efficiently operated with the app’s help.

The best part of using the application is that it comes with all the features of a LED strip light remote control. This means you can effortlessly turn the LED strip lights on and off and change the colors according to your choice.

Way 3: Replace The LED Strip Lights

This method is perfect if you do not want to manually turn the lights on and off or cannot find a suitable app. Let us take a look at the steps of this method.

Step 1: Remove The Existing LED Strip Lights

The first step in this method is removing the old lights from the walls. Since there is no remote control or app to control and operate the lights, striping them off the wall is a feasible option.

Step 2: Purchase and Set Up New LED Strip Lights

After removing the old LED strip lights, purchase a new set with proper remote control. Set up the new lights on the walls and secure the connection. Use the remote to turn the lights on and off and change colors.

What To Consider Before Changing LED Strip Lights? [5 Considerations]

When changing LED strip lights, quite a few factors must be considered. Let us look at these factors and why we should consider them.

  • Installation System

One of the essential factors when it comes to changing LED strip lights is to consider the installation process. Typically, these strip lights are straightforward to install, and all you have to do is adhere them to your walls with the help of attaching mounting clips.

The installation process is simple and does not take much time. But you must ensure proper access and equipment to install the lights properly.

  • Power Supply

 Another essential factor to take into consideration is the power supply. The strip will not be able to light up without a proper and secure power supply. Make sure a working power outlet is nearby where you can plug the lights to turn them on.

  • Length Of The LED Strip Lights

Before changing the LED strip lights, you must consider the total length. Measure the entire length required and purchase lights accordingly. Purchase the required number of strips and install them properly. Simply connect one strip with the other without utilizing a separate power connection.

  • Customization

Customization is a factor you should consider before changing the LED strip lights. These lights come with several different modes, colors, and brightness settings. This customization factor allows proper set and adjustment of the colors and lights according to your mood and ambiance.

  • Cost Of Lights

Even though these lights are not that expensive, purchasing multiple sets of strips can cost a decent amount of money. Before changing them, consider the total cost of the lights and ensure that you can afford them without putting too much pressure on your wallet.

Importance Of Changing LED Light Strips

Changing LED strip lights has several benefits, including energy-saving, reduced heat generation, etc. Here, we will discuss the importance of changing the strips and how they help us.

  • Saves Energy

Energy-saving is a significant reason why it is crucial to change LED strip lights. If we look at the statistics, these lights use about 70 percent less energy than regular light bulbs. This allows the users to save money on electricity while enjoying great lighting.

  • Lasts For A Long Time

When it comes to LED strip lights, the life span is remarkable. Each strip ensures long-lasting performance and lights up for about 40,000 hours on average. However, when the lifespan reaches the end, the lights will slowly dim instead of shutting down suddenly. This gives you enough time to change them. 

  • Amazing Color Options

LED strip lights come with several color options, allowing you to change the colors whenever possible. In addition to matching your mood, the lights are aesthetically pleasing. The brightness can also be adjusted according to your requirement.

  • Generates Less Heat

LED strip lights generate a negligible amount of heat compared to traditional lighting solutions. This ensures the room temperature does not rise much due to the lights. You can also touch or work with the lights without worrying about your fingers when the lights are on.

  •  Saves Money

As I discussed above, these lights last long without much energy. Not only that, but these lights are affordable, and their longevity ensures that you do not have to replace the lights often. Due to these factors, the LED strip lights save a decent amount of money in terms of longevity and energy.

Related Questions

Is It Possible To Alter Your LED Lights Without Using A Remote?

Altering the lights without using a remote is possible and easy. Often, we lose the remote, or it stops working, and these methods come in handy. You can directly connect the LED strip lights to the power source with the help of a power supply adapter.

In addition, you can easily alter the LED strip lights with a smartphone application if you do not have a remote. Download the app and set it up according to the model of the lights and control it.

How Can You Control Your LED Lights Without A Remote?

There are a few ways to control your LED lights without a remote. All of these methods are pretty easy and require only a few steps. The most common way of controlling LED strip lights without a remote is to rely on a smartphone app.

Not only that, but you can also connect the LED lights directly to the power supply using an adapter. However, the problem with the direct connection is that you have to turn on and turn off the lights manually.

How Do You Control Your LED Lights If You Lose The Remote?

There are many ways of operating and controlling LED lights without a remote control. One of the best ways is to operate the lights manually by plugging the strips in and out of the power outlet. Using a smartphone to control the lights is also a great and easy way.

Another great way to control the lights is to replace the entire strip properly. However, this does not seem like a reasonable idea every time the remote is lost. 

How Do You Reset LED Lights Without A Remote?

Directly connect the LED strip lights and the power outlet. You will have to remove the receiver and use a power supply adapter. The lights can also be controlled by downloading an app. 

However, another method of resetting the LED lights is to remove the existing strips and install a new set. Another approach is to purchase a new remote that works with the model and use it on your LED strip lights.

Can You Control Your LED Lights With Your Phone To Change Colors?

There is a lot you can do when it comes to controlling the LED lights with your phone. The smartphone app comes with all the features that the remote has. You can also use the app to change the lights’ colors easily.

There are several apps available depending on the model of the lights. Download an app compatible with the strips, and you can easily control the lights. On top of that, the app can be used to turn the LED lights on or off. It also allows the users to adjust the brightness. 

What App Can You Use To Control Your LED Lights?

Depending on the model and type, different apps are compatible with the strip lights. You must find an app that works with your LED lights model to control them. Lumenplay and Magic Home Pro apps typically work with LED strip lights. 

However, these apps might not be compatible with your LED light version. In cases like these, search the internet with the model of your strip lights to find a suitable application.  


The remote that controls the strips is a small device that can easily get lost. Not only that, but the remote can also stop working, leaving you to feel lost with the LED lights. Now that we are at the very end of the guide, I hope you now know how to change LED strip lights without the remote.

While the best way to operate the lights without a remote is to set up an application, the direct connection system is also great. However, ensure that you properly consider the factors before changing the lights. 

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