How To Change A Light Bulb In Ceiling Fan With Dome?

How To Change A Light Bulb In Ceiling Fan With Dome

Ceiling fans have light bulbs and are of different types for different purposes. The light is also of different designs depending on the homeowner’s taste. The ceiling bulbs have different functions. Beauty is one of them. Just like other electronic devices, light bulbs are prone to damage. They can burn out, so you must know how to change the light bulbs in a ceiling fan by yourself!

Changing a light bulb in the ceiling requires less money and time. But it will be reversed if proper knowledge in this related field is unknown. The entire ceiling fan bulb fixture can also be removed to change the design to suit your needs or to create a new look. Follow these simple steps to change your light bulbs easily.

Simple Steps To Change Light Bulb In Ceiling Fan With A Dome

Before changing the light bulb in a ceiling fan, ensure you have turned off the fan breaker electricity. The steps below will help you how to change a light bulb in a ceiling with a dome.

Step 1: Switch Off The Electricity

First, find your house breaker’s panel, then turn off the breaker for the light kit and ceiling fan. This is a safety precaution, and you must do it. Adhere to the rule.

Turning off the breaker is very simple, flip the switch towards the right side. When you do this, it can turn off the ceiling fan and light switch.

Step 2:  Remove The Dome

After ensuring that there is no currency flowing, start the next operation. You can now remove the light bulbs and dome from the ceiling fan light kit.

When removing the dome, you will need a ladder or a step to be able to reach the ceiling and look for screws that hold the light kit in place. Use the screwdrivers to unscrew the screw and slowly lower it from the fan motor. The ceiling fan dome should be removed as follows: 

Holding up the dome in position as you unscrew in an anticlockwise direction to make it lose. Do not remove the screw after loosening it, but hold on to it until you safely remove the dome.

For the dome that does not have screws, turn it in a counterclockwise direction as you look for the nut and bolt that hold the dome in place.

Step 3: Disconnect The Wires

Some ceiling fans have wires, and others don’t. If your ceiling fan has wires for the fan and lights, two different wires will be connected to the light kit. Remove the nuts by locating the wires and disconnecting them. Disconnect the wires by anticlockwise cap twisting.

Step 4: Remove The Burned Bulb

Be sure that you have switched off the lit kit. Turn the burned-out or old bulb in an anticlockwise direction and pull it out of the bulb socket. Before fixing the new light bulb, label the wires to avoid confusion.

Step 5: Replace With A New Light Bulb

The next step is to repeat the previous steps of removing the old or burned-out bulb. It is a simple procedure and not hectic. Feel the wires you had removed from the old light kit through the holes of the new center plate. Screw the wire caps back in the new light ceiling kit fan.

Step 6: Fix The New Light Kit

Hold the new light bulb ceiling fan dome and screw it well using a screwdriver after you have fixed the wires. After setting everything, you must go to the circuit breaker and turn the breaker on. To turn on the breaker, flip the light switch to the left. Turning on the ceiling fan will enable you to check whether it is functioning or not.

5 Different Types Of Ceiling Fans And Their Light-Changing Techniques

Ceiling fans are different depending on color and style. Choosing a ceiling fan is usually challenging as you must know the type, purpose, and where to use it. Fans have different functions depending on space. Here are the e various kinds of fans and the light-changing processes.

1. Standard Ceiling Fans

These fans are the most popular and readily available on the market. The standard ceiling fans have the following characteristics: built-in light, a down rod installation, and a five-blade style. The traditional fans are easy to customize and come in different colors and styles.


Follow the below tips to change the light in standard light shades:

  • switch off the fan;
  • take the old light out and customize the light to your desired one,
  • Finally, cover the light kit and safely attach the new light kit back and switch on the fan.

2. Low Profile/ Hugger Ceiling Fans

These types of fans are mounted on a mounting bracket. They are ideal for rooms that have a low ceiling. Low-profile ceiling fans provide low cooling capabilities as compared to high-profile fans. Low-profile ceiling fans are not suitable for hot seasons. Low-profile fans have the option of the owner customizing them to desired needs.


  • Use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws holding up the fixture cover. This applies to the light cover that has screws.
  • If it does not have the cover, hold the cover and turn it counterclockwise to remove the cover.

3. Energy Star Fan

 Energy star fans come in both standard and low-profile styles. They are energy savers as they use little energy. Energy star fans are ideal for most homes, especially if you are looking for a fan that does not utilize much energy. They help in lowering your monthly consumption bills.


Since this type of ceiling fan comes in standard and low profile styles, consider using techniques used in changing the standard and low profile fans.

4. Damp And Wet Fan

Just as the name suggested, damp fans are made resistant to damage. They are all-weather resistant. The damp models are the best for rooms that have high moisture. The type of lights in such fans must be heavy-duty.


  • First, remove the old fixture and bulbs and securely detach the connection wires,
  • Fix new light bulbs,
  • Then, connect the wires and secure them well,
  • Now mount the fixture,
  • Finally, install the bulbs and cover the fixture.

5. Dual Motor Fan 

Dual motors have two motors. The fan has two fans too. The dual-motor fans have the capabilities to circulate to far distances as compared to average fans. They are the type of fans used in public buildings and spacious rooms.


Each fan can be adjusted individually to give direct airflow to a certain speed and direction. The light-changing method is the same as before.

Mistakes You Should Avoid While Changing A Light Bulb In A Ceiling Fan

Illuminating your room should be a priority. When lighting up a room, people make mistakes that come back to haunt them in the name of poor lighting of the space. Using the wrong bulb can cause your room to look dark, harsh, cold, or the opposite.

  • Wrong Wattage

Be sure to purchase the correct wattage when buying a bulb. The wrong wattage will result in poor lighting. Each light fixture has a wattage requirement, so find out what it needs. Every fixture has a light bulb wattage limit. In most cases, a label or sticker points out the wattage limit of the bulb.

  • The Wrong Color

Using the wrong color of the light bulb for your space may result in bad lighting. Choose the right color hue for your room to achieve the desired lighting or brightness.

Bulbs come in different color hues and temperatures. The temperature used in the room will determine how the room feels.

Warm light bulbs estimated to have a temperature of 2000k-3000k will make your room feel cozy, soft, and romantic with an orange or yellow color. 

Daylight light bulbs with temperatures of 5000k-6200k are the type of light you see at noon time on a sunny day. Such light is suitable for a reading lamp, garage, and kitchen.

  • Lumen Rating

Lumen rating is what tells how bright a bulb is. If the lumen rate is high, the bulb will be illuminated. There is no need to light all rooms at the same brightness. Different rooms require different levels of lights. Areas like the kitchen will work great with bulbs with a high lumen rating, while bathrooms will go well with bulb slow lumen rating.

2 Tips To Change The Light Bulb In Ceiling Fan With A Dome Like A Pro!

Changing a burned light bulb or older is not challenging, but removing a dome covering the fan can be tricky. Think of creative ways to change the light bulb yourself. Here are the tips that should be followed to do it by yourself like a pro!

Tip 1: Use Safety Glasses And Gloves

The work of safety glasses is to protect your eyes from dust particles or in the event the light bulb breaks and particles fall out. Gloves provide a good grip when holding the dome and the light bulb when unscrewing.

Tip 2: Tap To Loosen Threads

If the dome’s edge is stuck, gently tap on it to loosen the threads holding up the dome. Use a tool that has a soft handle like pliers. Gently tap on the top of the light cover, which connects to the fixture.

While tapping, twist the cover anticlockwise with your other hand. Tapping off the cover will help to loosen the cover.

Related Questions:

How Do You Remove A Light Dome From a Ceiling Fan?

First, turn on the ceiling fan, so the fan blades can rotate when the light is on. The next thing to do is locate the breaker and turn it off. Both the fan and the light will be off too. Unscrew two of the four screws holding the ceiling fan and use a tester to confirm that there is no power flow.

Disconnect the wires and gently remove the fan from the hanging bracket. Remove the ceiling fan light switch by unscrewing the screws and attaching it to the socket. Loosen the terminals and separate them from the wires.

How Do You Get A Fan Light Cover Off?

Climb up close to the ceiling fan by using the ladder. Hold the light tower with one hand and unscrew the screws holding up the light cover. Remove the ceiling light cover slowly from the fixture.

While removing the ceiling light cover, place the screws separately. While doing this, ensure that you have switched off the breaker for the power supply for safety prevention.

What Size Light Bulbs Do Ceiling Fans Use?

Determining the suitable light bulbs for your ceiling fan depends on the size of the ore that the manufacturer installed in the fan. Ceiling fans from 36 to 56 inches use a bulb of 55 to 100 watts. The suitable size of light bulbs for a ceiling fan is mini candelabra, standard candelabra, mediate, and intermediate.

Commonly used ones are candelabra and intermediate bulbs. Most of the new models of ceiling fans use mini candelabra, while the older version uses a medium-light bulb. In determining the right size of the bulb to use for ceiling fans, measure the ceiling fan bulb base already installed.

How Do You Remove A Dome Light Cover Without Screws?

Twist the dome counterclockwise while holding it. Press the dome upwards as you twist it until it notches out. Push up to the notch and then pull the dome out. When removing the dome, ensure that the power is off. However, this is just but only a way of doing it. There are four ways in total.

The other 3 ways are as follows: Spring-loaded mechanism that involves pulling and nudging, mount and slotted connectors for turning and pulling down.

How Do You Replace A Flush Mount Ceiling Light?

Start by removing the old base plate. Turn off the power of the fixture at the breaker box. Remove the glass globe first, then unscrew the base plate of the fixture. Disconnect the wires from the base plate.

Get the new fixture to replace the old one. Match the wires from the new fixture to the wires in the electrical ceiling box. Screw the wires and push them back into the electrical box in place.

Screw the new base plate in the right place. After this step, install the bulb and turn on the power.

Final Thought:

Changing a light bulb in a ceiling fan is easy. First, you must learn how to change the light bulb in a ceiling fan with a dome by yourself. Many things need to be understood while changing a light bulb.

Changing a light bulb in a ceiling fan requires knowledge of the fan’s model, the type of light bulb, the bulb’s size, and the bulb’s voltage. It may look tricky but is simple once you understand how to do it. So hopefully, the time-consuming and tedious task now is straightforward.

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