How To Change A Lava Lamp Bulb? [6 Steps Guide]

How To Change A Lava Lamp Bulb

From time to time, lava lamps can be damaged and need to be replaced. If your lava lamp stops working or wears out, you should change this hurriedly. But, are you wondering how to change a lava lamp bulb? If yes, you are in the right place to eliminate this hassle.

However, the bulb produces heat, and the twisted metal wire in the lamp transmits the heat to the wax. So you need to handle this process carefully. This process includes unplugging and cooling the lamp, removing the light vessel, etc. Don’t forget to ensure the utmost safety. Otherwise, it causes severe damage to your body.

Luckily, I will discuss the entire process step-by-step so that you can do it effortlessly. Also, some tips and common mistakes will be mentioned here. After reading this article, I hope you can change a lava lamp bulb in no time.

6 Simple Steps To Change A Lava Lamp Bulb

Lava lamp bulbs often blow up due to overheating. The long process involved in heating the wax and changing the densities of the liquid takes time. Take a look at each step carefully to get the job done carefully.

Step 1: Unplug The Lamp From The Socket

The first step is to unplug the lamp from the socket. This is for safety purposes to prevent electric shock. Ensure that the light does not undergo further damage. In addition, check whether the light is hot or cool. Don’t forget to work when it is cool. Therefore, examine the lamp and take time to cool it.

Step 2: Remove The Glass Vessel

After the glass vessel is cool, remove it from the base carefully. Keep it in a safe place where it is stable. Ensure that you do not shake to mix up the content in the glass vessel. Shaking the content may result in a cloudy lava lamp. Ultimately, the lamp may be damaged or worn out completely.

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Step 3: Remove The Blown-up Bulb

Once detaching the glass vessel, the bulb appears. Gently grab the bulb and remove it from the connector using your hand. To eliminate further damage, hold the light with a paper or towel. There is a chance to fall and break. So 100% safety is a must. Now, twist the bulb anticlockwise and lift it.

Step 4: Replacing With A New Bulb

After the bulb has already disconnected, now is the time to install a new one. Ensure that the new bulb has the same size, base type, and wattage as the old one.

It is common for lava lamps to have some information on the side concerning the bulb they should be used with. Screw the bulb clockwise until it’s tightened firmly. Do not overtighten as the bulb is delicate and can easily break.

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Step 5: Put Back The Glass Vessel

After hooking up the bulb, do not attempt to light it up before putting the glass vessel on top. Put it generously on top of the base. It should sit firmly on the base and not be shaky. Test it thoroughly and check whether it shakes or not. Don’t compromise with this. Otherwise, it can fall and break in no time.

Step 6: Light Up The Lava Lamp

Connect the lamp to the socket and light it up. You have successfully changed the bulb on the lava lamp. Well done! Do not handle it with wet hands. Give the lamp some time before the magic starts to happen. 

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Changing A Lava Lamp Bulb

Undoubtedly, changing a lava lamp bulb is more dangerous than complex. But it’s easy as long as you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Any deviation can create an alarming situation. So I have tried to highlight some mistakes you should avoid to get the job done safely.

  • Avoid Shaking The Glass Vessel Frequently

When changing the bulb, you have to remove the glass vessel. But many individuals carelessly move it too quickly. This causes the substance in the vessel to overflow. As a result of frequent shaking, the entire system is destroyed, and the vessel becomes cloudy inside. So it cannot be done at all. In this case, it is essential to be extremely careful.

  • Avoid Removing The Glass Vessel Immediately

Allow the glass vessel to cool down completely before removing it from the base. Since it is usually hot and if picked immediately, one might get burnt and drop it leading to breakage.

  • Using The Wrong Bulb

When changing the lava lamp bulb, ensure to use the correct bulb. It should be of the same size, base, and wattage. Avoid using LED bulbs since they do not generate enough heat to make the lava lamp work. In this circumstance, look at the old bulb’s size, watts, and voltage. The 25-watt bulb is good enough to replace.

  • Overtighten The Bulb

When screwing the new bulb into the bulb socket of the lamp, don’t over-tighten it. As the bulbs used in lamps are very delicate and easily breakable, do not screw too hard.  It can be seen that over-tightening will break it. In this case, it is recommended to use soft paper towels.

  • Forgetting To Unplug

Avoid this mistake since it is so dangerous. It can lead to electric shock. This can harm both the user and severe damage to the lamp. Therefore, before starting any repair or replacement of electrical appliances, always unplug them from the socket. If you forget, you will face troubles like an electric shock.

  • Changing The Solution In The Lava Lamp

Do not try to change the solution inside the lava lamp by putting your hand inside. Do not change or add more colors to the solution, even if you do not like them. In a glass vessel, it is impossible to tell precisely what liquid is inside. Water is not the only liquid used. Some have various oils and paraffin wax.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Change A Lava Lamp Bulb

A lava lamp bulb produces both light and heat for the lamp. As a result, they should be checked and changed periodically. This ensures that the lamp is working efficiently. Below are some reasons why you need to change a lava lamp bulb.

1. Blown Up Bulb:

The most common and apparent reason is the bulb is blown out entirely. When the bulb gets damaged, the lamp won’t produce normal heat, let alone bright light. This is why you should replace the old or worn-out bulb with the latest one.

2. Dim Lighting Bulb:

A lava lamp doesn’t just provide light. It also enhances the beauty of the room to a great extent and makes the room more lively. But this light does not last long.  Due to some problems, they give less light. Whenever you notice something like this, change the lights immediately. 

3. Longer Time Is Taken To Heat Up The ‘Lava’:

If the bulb being used has less wattage than normal, understand there is a problem in heating the wax accurately. This means a longer time will be taken before your lamp dispenses the bubbles. You will often notice that the bulb can’t produce brighter light as it is supposed to. If any of them happen, make a decision immediately. 

4. Wax Not Flowing:

Changing the bulb is necessary if the wax or lava isn’t flowing properly. This shows that the bulb does not produce enough heat. Unfortunately, changing the old one is required when the light doesn’t seem to lighten up brightly.

5. Lamp Overheating:

Overheating is a common yet worrying issue. After a few hours of lighting, the lava lamp will get hot, this is normal. But overheating is a little bit of a concern if it happens quickly after lightning.

Therefore, it is not advisable to delay changing the lights in such a situation. The bulb can also cause the lamp to overheat if the wattage of the bulb is too high. Then too much heat is produced, leading to overheating.

Related Questions:

Can You Replace A Bulb In A Lava Lamp?

Replacing a lava lamp bulb can be done effortlessly by yourself. Just knowing some primary steps will assist to do the job. First, check the bulb condition. If it blows out completely, disconnect from the lamp. Ensure to disconnect the bulb carefully. Otherwise, any damage can happen.

Be careful when replacing a lava lamp bulb. It is so delicate and fragile. This is why it tends to break effortlessly. Incandescent light bulbs contain a filament that glows when heated, producing light and heat. The heat is necessary to heat the wax. 

How Do You Unscrew A Stuck Lava Lamp Bulb?

Lava lamps are unscrewed in a counterclockwise manner. Then lift to take it from the bulb socket. You should give the light 30 minutes to cool down. Use a hand towel or a glove when unscrewing the bulb.

It also includes turning off the power, letting the bulb cool, cutting the tape and making a loop, creating handles with a tap, and then gently unscrewing the lamp bulb. Don’t open it forcefully as the bulb can be damaged easily.

Do Lava Lamps Need A Special Light Bulb?

Usually, a lava lamp doesn’t require any special light bulbs as it already has one. Most lava lamps use the incandescent light bulb. This bulb can produce heat in a generous amount. Incandescent light bulbs come in various sizes and of different voltages.

But if you want to put bulbs into lamps, you can use halogen light bulbs. LED bulbs should be avoided since they don’t generate enough heat to heat the ‘lava.’

How Do You Change A Lava Lamp That Won’t Flow?

Lava lamps may stop bubbling due to various reasons. Turn off the lamp and let it sit for a few hours if the lava is shaped like a dome at the bottom of the glass vessel. Alternatively, check the bulb, if the lava melts but does not form bubbles. Maybe the heat is not enough.

There is also a need to check the twisted metallic wire that transmits the heat to the wax. If all that is ok and the liquid needs to be changed, it’s advisable to call an electrician to help you out or the manufacturer

Why Is Your Lava Lamp Not Lighting Up?

There are several reasons why the lava lamp is not lighting up. Among them, the wax stuck inside, inconsistency of flowing, messed up inside, and blown out are the most significant. If the filament is disconnected, the lamp will not lighten up as well.

Gently unscrew it using a glove. Shake it, if you hear a small metallic filament sound, then it’s burnt. Replace the bulb with a new one of the same size, base, and wattage. Screw it in safely. Return the glass vessel on top, and you are good to go.

What Type Of Light Bulbs Do Lava Lamps Use?

Lava lamps use the incandescent light bulb. They are mostly preferred as they are affordable. They come in various sizes and different voltages. They also work well on either direct current or alternating current. 

Incandescent light bulbs produce both heat and light which is necessary for the lava lamp to work effectively. Other light bulbs like halogen may be used. But LED bulbs are not preferred as they do not generate enough heat.

Can You Use Energy-efficient Bulbs In Lava Lamps?

The most common energy-efficient bulb is the light-emitting diode(LED). And just as the name suggests, they use less electricity to emit light. They are a good source of light, but not for the lava lamp.

Lava lamps need heat to work perfectly. The heat helps to change the densities of the liquid and wax, making them float. LED bulbs do not generate enough heat. Therefore the lamp may light up but not work since there is no heat.

Final Verdict:

Lava lamps are essential for creating a relaxing and excellent atmosphere in every home. But the bulb inside of this unit can be worn out or broken easily. Therefore, you should change the bulb now and then. The process of changing a bulb is straightforward and safer if you understand it. Keeping you in mind, this article describes a step-by-step guide to getting the job done thoroughly.

Ensure to use bulbs of the same size, base type, and wattage as the previous one and per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Proper care and maintenance of the lamp ensure it serves you for a more extended period.

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