How To Center A Ceiling Fan? [Quick And Easy Method]

How To Center A Ceiling Fan

Many people are confused when determining the center of a ceiling fan. Most of the time, they’re centered inappropriately because they don’t know the correct method. The benefits are often unavailable due to the incorrect step. So, I’ll tell you how to center a ceiling fan to get the full advantages of the circulating air.

Centering is not too challenging if the right method is applied. There are different methods to get this job done. Also, no special tools are required for the procedures. Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll be able to do the ceiling fan centering yourself.

Here I’ll cover everything related to the topic like methods, problems and their solutions, and so on. There are just three methods of ceiling fan centering for your convenience.

3 Methods To Center A Ceiling Fan Like A Pro Mechanical

Many people, even DIYers, make silly mistakes when searching for a center. Following any method to find the center of the ceiling fan will suffice to complete the job. Centering by following these methods is effortless, no matter what size your room is.

Method-1: Diagonal Measuring

Any rectangle or square can be drawn using this method by drawing a diagonal line through the center to the opposite corner. With this, you can easily determine the middle of the room for your ceiling fan.

Step-1: Needed Tools

This method doesn’t require any significant tools. However, for the convenience of work, it is better to keep the following simple tools.

  • Measurement tape 
  • Marking pencil
  • Non-extensible rope

Step-2: Measure The Diagonal Distance

Hold a measurement tape in any corner of the room. Now measure diagonally up to the angle of the opposite wall. Note the diagonal distance between the four corners of your room in this way. Use the non-extensible rope to facilitate the work. 

Step-3: Locate The Center Of The Angles

Now cross the line of the measured four angles, and it will look like an “X.” The focal point of this “X” is in the center of the ceiling fan. You can easily use this method if your room is square or rectangular. Take this measurement anywhere on the ceiling or floor.

Method-2: Identify The Center Walls

This is one of the easiest methods. It’s easy to find the center of the ceiling fan by measuring the four walls of your room. However, this method is very effective if your room is rectangular or square.

Step-1: Needed Tools

You don’t need essential tools here. But keep up with the following tools: It is also good to have a friend who can help you.

  • Measurement tape 
  • Marking pencil
  • Non-extensible rope
  • Small nails

Step-2: Measure The Four Walls

Measure the length of the four walls with a measuring tape. Now find the midpoint of each wall. For example, if a wall measures 10 feet, its midpoint will be 5 feet. 

Step-3: Fixing The Midpoint Of The Ceiling

Now, mark a straight line on a wall with a rope along its opposite wall. In this way, mark the middle point of four walls with a rope, and it will look like “+” (plus sign). This point is the center of the ceiling fan.

Method-3: Use CST Auto Level Kit

The CST Auto Level Kit is also called the Berger Auto Level Kit. This will be needed when conducting a large-scale survey. This is best if your room is large and wants to be perfectly centered.

This auto-level kit automatically measures the perfect horizontal and vertical distance up to about 300 feet.

Step-1: Needed Tools

With this kit, it’s possible to measure different types of distances. So, there is no need for extra tools other than this kit.

  • CST Auto Level Kit 
  • Marking pencil

Step-2: Setup The CST Auto-Level Kit 

Set up this small CST Auto Level Kit in the center of your room as much as possible. When turning it on, you’ll see that your wall and ceiling are focused together by the target light. You’ll see the measured distance on display. 

Now, move the kit to fix it in the center of the room. If the distance between the four walls is equal, then mark the target light that will be seen on the ceiling. This marked dot is the center of a ceiling fan.

Things You Should Know Before Centering A Ceiling Fan

It is possible to center the ceiling fan in the center of a room if you wish. But you have to consider getting the maximum benefit. So, consider the following things before reaching the maximum benefit from the fan.

  • Centering For Large Spaces

The ceiling fan is usually centered in the middle of any room. But in the case of large rooms, the part that is used the most should be the center. For example, the fan should be centered on the dining room seating area.

  • For Unequal Places

There are several things to remember when mounting ceiling fans in unequal places. Because it becomes difficult to get fresh air everywhere in unequal areas. Thus, the most used location should be chosen for centering.

If one fan is not enough, two fans should be mounted. For example, it is impossible to cover the whole room with one fan in an L-shaped room.

  • In The Kitchen

The ceiling fan in the kitchen should be centered in a place where the cook will get enough air. The fan should not be mounted on the stove. This can disrupt cooking due to wind. Therefore, position the fan, so it doesn’t get on the stove, and the cook gets enough air.

  • In The Bedroom

It is a common thing that the ceiling fan will be on the bed. The fan in the middle of the room may not provide enough air to the bed. Hence, it is wise to mount the fan on the bed. However, if your room is small, there is no problem with centering in the middle of the room.

3 Tips For Finding The Center Of A Ceiling Fan Without Tools

It is crucial to find the center. In that case, the tools can help find an exact center in many ways. The following technique shows how to find the center without special tools.

Tip 1: With The Help Of Your Friend

Since no tools will be used, you’ll need the help of a friend. Then, pull a rope diagonally from one corner of the wall to the other wall of your room. For this, use anything like a rope. You can use nails to attach the rope to the corners of the walls.

Similarly, pull the rope diagonally from one side of the other wall to the corner of the opposite wall. This will make the rope look like two cross marks. Then the cross mark in the middle of the room is the center of the ceiling fan.

Tip 2: Make Your Own Decisions

There is no need to mount the ceiling fan in the middle of the room. The fan should be mounted in the most used part of your dining room or bedroom. In a big room, climbing the fan in the middle won’t benefit much. So it is better to focus where there is a greater need.

Tip 3: Calculates The Room Tiles 

This is a lovely technique if your floor tiles aren’t carpeted. Count the number of tiles along the length of your room. Then count the number of tiles in width. I assume there are 13 tiles in size, then the number of tiles in the middle is seven. 

Similarly, if there are nine tiles in width, the tiles in the middle are the fifth. Now the connection between the seventh and fifth tiles is the middle point of the room. From here, you’ll find the center of the fan in the vertical distance.

Related Questions About Centering A Ceiling Fan

How Do You Find The Center Of A Ceiling Fan In A Room?

With a small auto-level kit, you can find the center of a ceiling fan in a room. Place the auto-level equipment in the middle of the room and adjust it. With this kit, ceiling height, length, and width can be measured together. 

Also, the center of a ceiling can be determined by holding a rope diagonally on the room’s roof. This method is the most popular and widely used. To determine the point with the rope, you have to use nails in four corners. The center can be found by setting the rope diagonally on this nail.

How Do You Measure The Right Size Of A Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling fans of different sizes and models are available on the market. Their blade span ranges from 29 to 54 inches. The most widely used of these is the 52-inch comprehensive model. However, according to the size of your room, determine the exact size of the ceiling fan you need. Take a look at this table.

Room DimensionsRecommended Size Of Ceiling Fan
Up to 75 sq. ft.29–36 In.
76–144 sq. ft.36–42 In.
144–225 sq. ft.44 In.
225–400 sq. ft.50–54 In. 

How Do You Find The Center Of A Ceiling That Is Not A Square?

Even if your house is not square, still, determining its center is easy. First, measure your room’s long wall with measurement tape. Assume that the measurement length is 10 ft. Then divide by 2; for example, 10 ‘/2 = 5 feet. 

Measure the width this way and divide it by 2. Assume that the width is eight ft. Then 8’/2 = 4 ft. Now the meeting point is 5 ft in length and 4 ft in width, which is the center of the ceiling.

How Do You Calculate The Center Of A Ceiling Fan?

No matter what shape it is, measure the length and width of the wall in your room. Divide both length and width by 2 to get the center. However, if the lengths of the two walls are not equal, add 2 lengths and divide by 2. Then the average size can be found. Then divide this average length again by 2 to find the middle of the wall length. 

Similarly, add two wall widths and divide by 2. Then the average width can be found. Now, divide the average width by 2 again to get the middle point. Then you’ll get the center point of the two walls. The combined point of these two middle points is the center of the ceiling.

Is The Center Of A Ceiling Fan Hard To Find?

It’s not hard to find the center of a ceiling fan. With the diagonal method, determine the center with a simple rope. If you understand the measurement tape well, you’ll not find it difficult to measure. The task will be much easier if you get help from a friend. 

However, keep in mind during centering that the fan should be at least 7 ft above the ground. In addition, the fan should be about 18 inches away from the nearest walls.

Final Verdict:

Your problem will be easier to resolve now that you know how to center a ceiling fan. In addition, you should also pay attention to choosing a fan that is appropriate for your home. It is not recommended to mount fans of the same size or style everywhere.

Different sized fans are needed for the kitchen, bedroom, and dining room. Also, consider whether you’ll get the maximum benefit by mounting a fan in this place before entering. Anyway, it is best to keep the mark of centering on the ceiling when the home is built.

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