Cookie Policy

On, we rely on third-party commercials to fund the website’s operation. Some advertisers may use technology such as cookies and web pages to advertise on our website.

These advertisers receive information (such as your IP address, ISP, the browser you used to access our site, and in some cases, if Flash is installed) as well (such as Google through the Google AdSense program). Typically, this is used for geotargeting (showing real estate ads) or particular ads based on previously visited websites (displaying cooking ads to someone who frequents cooking sites).

Cookies set by our site (first-party cookie) and the advertiser (third-party cookie) can collect the above information from you regarding allowing or dismissing the cookie. Third-party cookies can recognize you by this site and other websites you visit.

What Are Cookies?

When you visit a website from your browser, some small size of text data gets saved to your device. That is known as cookies. These cookies are used to remember your data and your preferences. 

Two types of cookies are used on a web address, they are session cookies and persistent cookies. The session cookie expires after you close the browser, and the persistent cookie remains in the device after you close the tab or restart the device. 

On our website, we use persistent cookies to have a great experience while navigating our websites. You will see a bottom bar where you can accept or decline our cookie policy. 

Types Of Cookies We Use 

Analytical Cookies

Using this cookie, we analyze the data for statistical purposes on the number of visitors and how they navigate our site. 

Name, email address, or personal data are not being collected by this cookie.

Functionality Cookies

The choices you make for this website are being operated by functionality cookies. For example, your username and remember how you managed the services and websites on your next visits.

Advertising Cookies

Advertising cookies help us and third parties to show the ads you are interested in more efficiently and help us collect accumulated data and performance reporting to the advertisers. They also enable others to track when specific ads have been presented to you and to explain better how we can serve advertisements to you.

As you had been asked for a web page from the ad network’s website, your internet browser may send requests for advertisements straight to the servers of the ad network, which can access, update, or set up their cookies.

Though we never employ cookies to build a profile of your online browsing habits on other people’s websites, we do use combined information from other sources to deliver advertising that is both current and tailored to your interests.

Social Media Cookies

By employing a tagging feature offered by such social media, third-party cookies from social media websites (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.) enable us to track activities on social links when they access or use the website or share information.

Additionally, these cookies are utilized for retargeting and event tracking. Any information gathered by these tags will be utilized per the confidentiality policies of the social networks and us. The user’s personal information won’t be gathered or shared by us.

How Do We Manage Cookies?

Whenever you post a comment on our website, you can allow us to store your name, email address, and website through cookies. You can use these at your convenience to avoid entering your information again when you write another comment. These cookies are shelf-stable for one year. 

This website uses a persistent cookie policy, meaning the cookie stored on the device will contain the site’s data and others.

What Are Your Cookie Choices?

By adjusting the parameters in tools like Norton Internet Security, you can disable or selectively turn off our cookies or third-party cookies. You may be limited in your ability to engage with both our website and others. Users may be unable to log into websites, apps, or accounts, including forums.

If you don’t like the concept of cookies, alter your browser settings, remove the previous cookie set, and decline a new cookie. 

Amendments And Changes

If you have an account on our site, we’ll set a temporary cookie to determine if your browsers allow cookies. You can delete this cookie when you shut down your browsers. It is not connected to any personal info.

Additionally, we will create several cookies when you log in to keep your login details and screen display preferences. Although login cookies are only valid for two days, screen options cookies last a year. 

In the next two weeks, you won’t be able to log in persistently if you choose “Remember Me.” The cookies will be deleted after you log out from our site.

Do We Use Tracking Pixels?

Emails that we send to you may contain tracking pixels. It’s the measurement of this site to publish new and interesting content. Those who open the emails and find them interesting will be marked as potential customers. If anyone is not interested in tracking, the pixels will be deleted if they delete the mail or don’t want to download the pixels, then view the emails in text or image format.

Editing or publishing an article will create a new cookie in your browser. There is no personal information contained in this cookie. It just contains the post ID of the article you just edited. It runs out after a day.

Acceptance Of This Policy

You declare that you’ve understood this Policy and accept all of its guidelines. You consent to be bound by this Policy by visiting the website. You are not permitted to access or operate the website if you do not agree to this Policy’s terms.